Sheep At Stake Review

The 16th July, 2011 released “Sheep At Stake” is a cute little game from the same developer that brought Magic Cuts. This colorful little game may look cute, but don’t be fooled by its cuteness since it has an insane difficulty curve which can really frustrate some hot headed people. Sheep At Stake puts your skills to the test, having you multitask stuff like you have never done before. Your aim is to perform multitude of tasks to keep your sheep from going astray, if any of which escapes, the game is over.


Sheep At Stakes takes place in unique environments stretched over 4 levels.  The game features 3 difficulty modes ranging from easy, normal and hard. It has a really nice soundtrack to go with the environments and its colorful art tone. Throughout the game, you will be solving puzzles which get harder later on the game. The controls revolve around you tapping different environment places to stop the sheep from running away.

Ease Of Use

Sheep At Stake is an extremely difficult game. Even though it features 3 difficulty levels, it still has you doing a lot of stuff on screen at the same time, which can get insanely difficult to handle in the later stages. The game does not have gradual increase in difficulty level, which means that you will be pit against really difficult stages at random times. For you to able to play Sheep At Stake, you need a multi touch screen Android Based device, otherwise forget that you can even get past the first stage. The game will have you tapping fingers across the screens as fast as possible, one mistake and you are pretty much going to see the game over screen. This game is not recommended for those who get easily angered.


Sheep At Stake is an excellent game despite its varied insane difficulty. The music score, the environments and most of all the cute little sheep will really keep you entertained for quite some time. This game is welcoming to those who enjoy punishing difficulties, because at the end of each level, there is a sense of reward that you finally got past a stage. Best of all, the game is available for free in the Android Market, which honestly feels like it’s much more then you will ask for. I highly doubt that casual gamers will be able to get passed the third level, but still it’s really worth checking out.




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    The game is also available for iPhone.

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