Android Game - Roboto by Fenix Fire

Roboto a new, old-school-style side-scroller 3D game from Fenix Fire, which hit the Android market on July 28, 2011. You play a robot on a hover board and side scroll your way through many levels with obstacles, opponents, gathering loot and defying gravity to find the big bad boss robot at the end. The game is available in the Android market at an introductory price of $2.99; however, this price will go up to $4.99 on 8th of August. For fans of such arcade games, this is also available from the Apple App store.

Android Game - Roboto by Fenix Fire


As Roboto, you fight your way through over 30 levels that are exquisitely rendered in high detail 3D and amazing and believable physics. In your arsenal is a collection of powerful futuristic weapons that you have to utilize in defeating the small enemies that come along your path, and when you take on the Boss in the epic end of level battles. Throughout the game play, you get really fun character upgrades and have the opportunity to collect all sorts of baubles and loot in the form of gold nuts and power cubes and weapon upgrades. There is an anti-gravity field which starts pulling the little Roboto up instead of down. There are also mini-games that come up in the middle that keep you entertained while offering to solve various puzzles. Besides beating the bosses at the end of each level, you need to gather three big gears throughout each level. Scoring is based on many factors which include, time taken to complete level, loot gathered, enemy robots killed, and health status.

Ease Of Use

It is a really fun and addictive game, with excellent no-lag response from the touch screen based controls. The navigation controls are on the left and firing and jumping controls on the right. It would be fair to say that by far, this seems to be the first game in the touch-surface android market which actually provides excellent controllability through touch surface based controls. The game itself is easy to play and difficulty increases as you progress along the levels.


With unbelievably smooth 3D graphic rending and effects, mated with exceptional zero-lag response with the touch surface controls, the game has minimal load times between stages which is surprising considering the level of level details that are loaded with each stage. This is to date the best 3D arcade style scrolling shooter game ever to hit the Android market. It is optimized for the Xperia Play, however will play on any android with a 1GHz processor. The android version is approximately 49 MB download and the IOS 4.2 version is a 69.6 MB download.



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