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iOS 5 Remainders

How to share iOS 5 Reminder with other users

With the application iCloud, Apple also launched the application which enables you to share the Reminder with the other users of apple operating system iOS 5. That is aimed for the users who have many Reminder in their phone and want to share it ... Read More »
Siri with Remember the Milk Application

How to configure Siri with “Remember the Milk” Application

Now you can configure Siri for iPhone 4S to add tasks to the application Remember The Milk . If you will ask Siri to remind you about something, it will automatically add that task to the application Remember The Milk. You can add the tasks you ask Siri ... Read More »
Siri iPhone 4s

Check Out The Siri Real Demonstration

All of us know that Siri is one of the few new features that Apple introduced in the new iPhone 4S. Actually Siri is an app that just works like a personal assistant using which one can control his/her phone with the voice instructions. It looked quite ... Read More »
Group mail alert tone

How to change email alert tone of your iPhone

iPhone has a feature of alert tones for emails, facebook, twitter and some other applications. The email alert has only two tones by default. In this article I will teach you how you can change the default tone and set your favorite tone as an email alert. ... Read More »
ios 5 iMessage App

How to make use of iMessage App

This is the application for the iPhone users. It is the messenger for the communication between the other iPhone users. This application helps you to search the other iPhone users and also to communicate with them. It’s somewhat similar to the messenger ... Read More »

iPhone app - 4Eyes Review – Features, Ease of Use

The app called 4eyes, updated on 16th August 2011, and created by Andrew Davis is an efficient app which makes searching easier and faster. There are plenty of search engines out there but it requires a lot of time to find exactly what you need. Most ... Read More »

iPhone App - Daily Routine Review - Features, Ease of Use

Is there a need to organize your life? Not only does organizing your life lead to more productivity but it also clears some time for you to relax and unwind. Daily Routine, an app by Jayson Marais, helps you set a routine for your everyday life. The Daily ... Read More »

iPhone App - EPL Addicts - Review, Features, Ease of Use

EPL addicts, updated on 15th August 2011, is one of the many apps created by Football Addicts. It helps you stay abreast with the latest in the Barcley Premier League. Barcley Premiere League is arguably the most famous and esteemed soccer league in the ... Read More »

iPhone App - Rivet-Build Your Focus Review – Features, Ease of Use

The Rivet-Build your focus app, released on the 10th of August 2011, is a very unique and helpful app. When you are bombarded with a barrage of distracting apps which you fool around with all day and compromise your productivity, Rivet can help you get ... Read More »

iPhone App - Photo 365 Review – Features, Ease of Use

Can you imagine having a calendar with thumbnail images to remind you what special activity you did on that particular day? Photo 365 allows you to add pictures to every single day of the year so that you have a lively calendar which at a glance tells ... Read More »
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