India’s ‘Akash’ or ‘Sky Tablet’ sells for $38.00; gets terrible reviews

India’s ‘Akash’ or ‘Sky Tablet’ sells for $38.00; gets terrible reviews

You know what they say: If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Well, now that saying is holding true for the world’s cheapest Android tablet PC, the “Akash” or “Sky” tablet that sells in India for approximately $38.00.  The tablet was meant to be the cheapest in the world, but thanks to what is reported to be “cheap parts” the tablet geared towards helping India’s students is getting terrible reviews.

India’s  Akash’ or  Sky Tablet

India’s Akash’ or Sky Tablet

Regardless of the technical specifications of the “Akash” or “Sky tablet,” one thing is certain; intentions for this tablet PC were good.  The government wanted to put a tablet pc in the hands of students, especially those living in rural areas that may not have access to modern technology.  Though the intentions were good, there is great worry that students won’t continue using the Akash Tablet PC due to the weak design.

The tablet PC is a 7 inch model based on Android 2.2 Froyo and features 256 MB Ram with a 2GB expandable storage (up to 32 GB) and has one USB port.  The display is 7 “ and it comes with an 800 X 400 resolution and touch screen.  Battery life is expected to last up to 180 minutes.

India’s Akash or Sky Tablet

India’s Akash or Sky Tablet

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to India’s new “Akash” tablet pc?

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14 Responses to "India’s ‘Akash’ or ‘Sky Tablet’ sells for $38.00; gets terrible reviews"

  1. Anita singh says:

    What is address of showroom tablet pc sky ???

  2. ujwal chaudhari says:

    where to buy this tablet ?

  3. jaaaa says:

    can we buy this one in Europe ?

  4. admin says:

    You can check at your nearest computer or tech shop.

  5. Mihir says:

    so far i hvnt been able to get a clarity on buying this laptop. wot i feel is for now it will be distributed by govt to students for cheap.

    also found-out tht it will be available for public to buy at INR 3000.

  6. Sourav Mondal says:

    It is going to a great evolution,as there is an strong demand of all students to it…

  7. amir says:

    nice one, i am also waiting for this tablet

  8. anand kishor says:

    what is address of showroom in allahabad tablet pc sly?

  9. Bhavnish says:

    plz tell the procedure to book this tablet

  10. Adil Fazal says:

    It’s excellent. Where would i get this in my own city Allahabad?

    • techzek says:

      We don’t have much info about your city so we could not say exactly but you can get it in your nearest shopping mall.

  11. zek techimech says:

    Ahh, no idea about Allahabad,, but you will get it from your nearest computer or laptop shop.

  12. republic84 says:

    And I thought I got a deal only paying $450 for my 10in Galaxy Tab… This things probably made out of paper and I bet it doesnt last more than a month after purchase…

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