Game Insight Releases My Country For Android

If you’ve played Paradise Island on Android, you’ve been in the clutches of Android game developer Game Insight. The wildly popular developer has released its new game for Android and instead of managing an island a la Tropico on the PC, you’ll be managing an entire nation, which is something akin to Sim City with a much larger area at stake.

The game has already seen much success on Facebook, where players can build up their nation by controlling the population, transportation, and the very ecology of their nation. My Country is available for all Android devices that are on 2.1 and above and the game is completely free to get started in, though there are in-app purchases available with a special currency known as Countrybucks.

The tutorial for getting started in the game is surprisingly simple, but once guided through the tutorial, various advisors within the game will grant ‘quests’ which reward XP and cash. You’ll need the experience in order to open more sophisticated industries and technology in your nation, and you’ll need the cash in order to build the facilities that create these resources. Just like it’s larger cousin FarmVille, My Country is a time based game with certain buildings and industries taking longer to complete with others. Spending Countrybucks can help you alleviate some of the growing pains, but getting to the top is completely possible without spending a dime if you have quite a bit of time to invest in your city.

Overall if you enjoyed the gameplay behind Paradise Island, then you’ll likely find something to like in My Country. Since the game is free, there’s no reason not to give it a try. You can download it from the app store by clicking here.





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