A Quick Look At Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2 is a nice 3D racing game which promises to pump up the adrenaline of the players. It is a handheld game with high quality graphics. The graphics are gorgeous and bring an array of vistas from different parts of the world. The underground volcanoes, abandoned temples, tropical beaches provide a beautiful and vibrant experience to the players. The music track of the Raging Thunder 2 is of great quality and has been well developed. The different sound involved in the game like the crashes and tire screeches integrate with the sound track and bring an adventurous experience. The players have an option of turning the music on or off.

Raging Thunder 2

The only thing that is not impressive is the control features involved in the game. Though it failed to impress, it does reduce the fun involved in the game. Controls are based on accelerometer and there are no alternative options. Players can customize the game play options in several ways by adjusting the tilt sensitivity, auto gas, auto boost and brake power, etc. The accelerometer controls are tough and everyone cannot get used to that function. Players have the option of upgrading their vehicles by using the money they win in different races. Many people may feel that the vehicle upgrade option is not that impressive, but it is not bad either.

Raging Thunder 2 has a vigorous and smooth game play. The furious speed is well balanced and the turbo boosts helps the players get nice control on the game. It is not uncontrollable but it is also not overwhelming.

The game has its pros and cons like it has great 3D accelerometer, an option of multiplayer online racing, it is full of fun, challenging and addictive. The graphics also prove to be great and smooth. There are competitive AI drivers. Whereas, it has many cons too like the free version can only store 20MB in phones internal memory. The paid version is highly recommended. The players should not play it on slow and less powerful Android phones.

Raging Thunder 2 is a sequel of Raging Thunder 3D. This version is faster, more intensive, has superior 3D capabilities and great graphics for the Android phones. Players have to use the Accelerometer to control their vehicle, dodge the obstacles and other drivers. This makes it more competitive and interesting. The Raging Thunder 2 has time attack, career mode, survival, Arcade and also online multiplayer option.

This game is extremely challenging and addictive. The computer drivers prove to be very challenging and try to knock out the player to gain edge over them. This version is very solid and polished; it proves itself to be of competitive genre. The main part of the game is its accelerometer, with the sound effects, background music and vibrations during the crashes. It is an updated version with several improved features. It is fast paced, accessible and intuitive controls; it has five different single player game modes. All in all this version of Raging Thunder 2 promises to be an excellent game for the players and has all the features of an excellent racing game.

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