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MWC 2012

10 Best Smartphone-Tablet Announced At MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress)

Last week, companies like Nokia and Samsung were able to showcase their new devices at the 2012 (MWC) Mobile World Congress. The four-day event, which was held at Barcelona, was indeed filled with lots of smartphones and tablets. Some of them were ... Read More »
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Audio

Lumigon T2 Android 4.0 ICS Smartphone With Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Audio Showcased At MWC 2012

The Lumigon T1 was released on 2010. Now is the perfect time for its successor, the Lumigon T2, to make an appearance at the 2012 MWC. Indeed, the smartphone deserves to be recognized for its unique ability to function as a universal remote control. And, ... Read More »
Nokia 808 PureView 41MP

Nokia 808 PureView with 41MP Camera Smartphone Announced At MWC 2012

We have gotten used to camera phones with 8MP rear shooters but guess what? Nokia has officially unveiled its Nokia 808 camera smartphone at the 2012 MWC. What’s so special about this phone? The mere fact that its name sounds like an average Nokia handset ... Read More »

ZTE Skate Acqua, Kis & Blade II Specs Announced At MWC 2012

After the announcement of the ZTE Era and Mimosa X at the 2012 MWC, Chinese handset maker ZTE has officially unveiled its three new Android models. The first of the three will be dubbed as the ZTE Skate Acqua while the other two be called as the ZTE Blade ... Read More »
Acer Liquid Glow

Acer Liquid Glow Specs, Price & Features: Android 4.0 ICS Smartphone Announced At MWC 2012

Say hello to Acer’s Liquid Glow, a decent entry-level Android 4.0 ICS powered smartphone. This is not the first time that we’ve heard about this handset. In fact, we’ve already heard a bunch of reports stating that the said 7phone will be unveiled ... Read More »
Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610 Budget-Friendly Windows Phone Handset Announced At MWC 2012

Aside from the international variant of the Nokia Lumia 900, the Finnish mobile maker has also unveiled its newest model of affordably-priced Windows Phone handset – the Nokia Lumia 610. That’s right! You can check out these devices at the 2012 MWC. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 Media Player Announced At MWC 2012

Samsung has officially announced the upcoming availability of its newest model of Samsung Galaxy S Media player at the 2012 Mobile WWC. Dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2, the portable media player can be used to play your favorite audio tracks and ... Read More »
Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 International Version Announced At MWC 2012

As of now, the Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia 900 can only be availed in the US. But that won’t be long. You see, Nokia has officially announced that the international variant of the said handset will be released sometime within the second quarter ... Read More »
Lava XOLO X900 Intel Medfield

Lava XOLO X900 Intel Medfield Android Smartphone Announced At MWC 2012

The 2012 Mobile World Congress is an event where you can find all the latest gadgets from all across the globe. That being said, Lava has officially revealed its newest model of Android powered smartphone. Oh well, we aren’t surprised. You see, previous ... Read More »

ZTE Era Android 4.0 ICS Quad Core Smartphone Announced At MWC 2012

A couple of days ago, we have already told you that ZTE plans to unveil not one, not two but 8 new Android and Windows powered devices at the 2012 MWC. Three of them will be called as the ZTE PF200, ZTE N910 and the ZTE Mimosa X. Now, the Chinese mobile ... Read More »
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