Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs Galaxy Note: Smart Comparison By Techzek

With the recent release of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note, it seems that the Android market is being dominated by the South Korean multinational manufacturer.

Announced in September, the Samsung Galaxy Note finally hit shelves across the globe in November, six months after the Galaxy S2. Both phones, powered by Android have received high praise from consumers but many still want to know: which is the best? If you’re looking to purchase one of these phones, make sure to check out this guide first.

Samsung Galaxy S II Vs Galaxy Note


The Samsung Galaxy Note is quite larger than the Galaxy S2. With a whopping 5.78 inch x 3.26 inch frame, the Galaxy Note measures in at 0.038 thick and weights 178 grams. The Galaxy S2 only weighs 116 grams and is much thinner at only 0.33 inches in combination with the smaller 4.9 inch x 2.6 inch frame. If you hold true to the ‘bigger is always better’ adage, then the Note may be for you—but if you are a strong proponent of skinny jeans, the sleeker, lighter feel of the Galaxy S II may be the better option. Personally, I like the bigger device. Round winner: Galaxy Note.


When it comes to raw processor speed, the Samsung Galaxy Note edges out its competition. Sporting a 1.4 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor it is slightly faster than the dual-core 1.2 GHz process featured in the Galaxy S2. Both phones feature a Mali 400 MP GPU for graphics acceleration so in the end the slower clocking speed of the Galaxy S2 is its downfall. It should also be noted that the Galaxy S2 has an Exynos chipset while the Note has a Samsung developed chipset. Round winner: Galaxy Note


While both phones feature the beautiful Super AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen display that has given Samsung a large amount of praise, size once again is a factor between the two devices. The Galaxy S II features a 4.27 inch screen running at 800 x 480 resolution (217 ppi density) while the larger Galaxy Note has a huge 5.3 inch screen running at 1280 x 800 resolution (285 ppi density).

Both devices feature the addition of durable Gorilla Glass so there is no difference except for the size. Round winner: Galaxy Note


When you compare the cameras on these two phones, you’ll find neither one being able to edge out the other. Both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S2 feature the exact same camera specs on both their front-facing and rear-facing lenses. In the back they have an 8 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 1080p high-definition video as well as a 2 megapixel front-facing camera. Round winner: None


Like the camera situation, the operating system and user interface on these devices are exactly the same. Both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S2 are powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a TouchWiz 4.0 overlay. Both the devices are also slated to receive an upgrade to the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the future, so no advantage can be given there. Round winner: None

Data Connectivity

When it comes down to connectivity, both devices are almost identical. Both of the devices feature 3G connectivity as well as WiFi support and WiFi hotspot capabilities. They also both have the ability to use Bluetooth 3.0 wireless file transfers and HSPA+ (21 MBPs HSPDA). However, the Samsung Note is available on the LTE radio as well. While this does give the Note an edge, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has released an LTE version under the name Skyrocket. However, we’re comparing the original Galaxy S II today. Round winner: Galaxy Note


Both devices sport the same amount of RAM, a large 1 GB (doesn’t it seem like just yesterday desktops came standard with 512 MB?) and the internal storage for both devices are basically even. The Galaxy S II has both a 16 GB version as well as a 32 GB version while the Galaxy Note only comes in with 16 GB. However, the Galaxy Note can be upgraded to 32 GB using a microSD card. Round winner: None


The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a 1650 mAh Li-ion battery, slightly smaller than the 2500 mAh Li-ion battery for the Galaxy Note. However, due to the much larger size of the display on the Galaxy Note, the increased battery size does cause the Galaxy Note to last much longer than the Galaxy S II. Due to the sheer numbers, though, the round winner: Galaxy Note


When it comes to pricing, the Galaxy Note is more expensive than the Galaxy S II coming in at $300 with a two year contract while the Galaxy S2 only costs $199 with the same contractual agreement. Round winner: Galaxy S2


While the Galaxy S2 is definitely an extremely attractive device, if you are looking to purchase a new Android powered device, the Galaxy Note is the better option power wise. The only reason to choose the Galaxy S2 is if you want to save a few dollars or don’t like the feel of a larger phone.

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9 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs Galaxy Note: Smart Comparison By Techzek”

  1. Mohd Akbar says:

    The Samsung Galaxy Note is quite larger than the Galaxy S2. Galaxy Note has a huge 5.3 inch display and comfortable to use. I am very happy to get this device. I was pleased with the information. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Khalil ur Rehman says:

    Thanks for your comparison, after release of Samsung Galaxy Note I sold out my Samsung Galaxy SII and now very much happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note. thanks to Samsung for such a useful device……

  3. Vijay Kiran says:

    I found that the Galaxy note is pretty comfortable to use after initial week, I would recommend Note who are holding back because of the size, Note is also bit faster than S2 and I personally feel the camera on the note is bit better than S2

  4. GavinR says:

    You forgot to mention that the Note has a Pentile display compared to the GS2′s RGB display. Also the GS2 can take a 32GB SD card just like the Note.

  5. Abdullah says:

    thank you for this useful comparison
    my question is if both has the same graphic accelerator but gs2 has less resolution so does it make gs2 have faster graphic ?

  6. Sagar_toshniwal says:

    I am still confused between S2 and Note. While price does not seem the deciding factor anymore (difference of just a few hundred bucks), what to do?

  7. swayam says:

    You missed out on GPS!

  8. republic84 says:

    They should compare it to the Tmobile SGS2, which is bigger, faster, with a slightly better screen and a larger battery. I dropped it on my face 5 times the first night i had it, and its 4.52″ i cant imafine something over 5, id have a black eye haha.

  9. keeruben says:

    for me the samsung galaxy note is better for gaming which you miss!!!;arger display amoled screen

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