Top 5 Free Android Apps to Download Music and Mp3

1. MP3 Music Downloader

MP3 Music Downloader is designed for simplicity, and allows users to search for music through artist, title, or album. The search results display selections relevant to the search, and allow users to stream music before downloading. This means that users can check the quality of music downloading, and prevents users from getting a mislabelled song choice. This app is free, and allows users to search, list, and rate the music available. This app also contains a library with all downloaded music. Another handy feature is the ability to stream the lyrics while listening to the song. The app also includes other search features, such as the ability to view songs by their popularity. Users can search for popularity through billboards, ITunes, and genre. This allows users to stay up to date with the most recent music available. MP3 Music Downloader has access to a variety of sites to provide users with many choices.

MP3 Music Downloader

2. Free MP3 Music Downloader V2

This app has access to a wide variety of search engines, and offers up to a million songs and MP3s for users to choose from. This app allows the user to preview music before downloading, and has a music player after the song is downloaded. When downloading a song, the user is able to choose from many mirror sites in case one is unavailable. This app also allows users to edit the mp3s or music and use them as ringtones. This app is free, and may release more features in the near future. Users are able to save on the internal drive or SD card to save space. This app offers a simple design which allows users to type in their search and view results. Users can also hide the download screen so they can continue using the app. MP3 Music Downloader V2 does require an internet connection in order to search and download music.

Free MP3 Music Downloader V2

3. GTunes Music

GTunes Music is an app that has many features available for users who enjoy searching, downloading, and editing their music. This app features several tabs which allow users to perform various actions. The search tab yields a search bar and a list of returned results. Downloads shows the current progress for each song, and library has a list of all music found on the device. In this tab users can select a song choice and edit it. This is a great way for users to obtain new sounds for ringtones, alarms, notifications, and text messages. GTunes Music allows users to preview their selection before downloading it. The player tab shows the current song playing and lyrics in a karaoke type fashion. Users can pause and resume downloads, and view the album cover when playing the current song. This app features a lot of great options including playlists, and deleting unwanted music.

GTunes Music

4. MP3 MusicBox Pro

MusicBox Pro is another free app offering a simple interface for users to enjoy. This app has access to millions of songs, and has tabs offering a search, downloads, my music, and chart feature. MP3 MusicBox Pro requires users to have an SD card, and also allows them to set music as a ringtone or notification. Downloading music is free, and users are able to listen to the songs first to ensure they are correct. This app also features a variety of charts for users to stay up to date with the latest hits. These charts are updated weekly so users are guaranteed to have accurate results. This app also displays lyrics related to the current song selection, and even allows users to manage their local music from the app instead of the SD card. Users have control over download settings such as the ability to pause and resume when needed.

MP3 MusicBox Pro

5. Free Music Download

This is yet another free app that allows users to download free music directly to their phone. The app design is very simple, and features a list of buttons for users to make their selection. Users have access to several charts relating to the most popular songs in that area, and are able to use the search feature to find the music of their choice. Users can also click the library button to see all music on their device, and save downloaded files to the SD card. Free Music Download also lets users edit and save their music so it can be used as a ringtone. This app also allows users to rank their music, and archive it so they can use it at a later time. Users can stream the music before downloading it, and are able to record sounds for ringtones that are not downloaded from the app.

Free Music Download



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