Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android Users (Free+Paid)

Android has gone beyond everybody’s expectations. Now, it is enjoying being one of the most used mobile operating system in the world simply because it has a cool interface, easy to use, powerful, and has great support from its developers. Aside from these, there is one thing Android can do best—music! So, without further ado, let’s try to look into some of the free and paid music apps you can find in Google Play Store.

Winamp (Free)

Winamp player has actually gained popularity in computers, it was one of the most preferred media players and there is no reason the developer will not strive to become the most popular music player in the Android market. That’s actually the case. Winamp has become the most popular tool for music-lovers offering the typical features it offers when on PC…and there’s more. Winamp for Android also offers one-click syncing with iTunes as well as more than 47,000 ShoutCast radio stations. You can also purchase the premium version to get even more features you’ve never used before.

RealPlayer Beta (Free)

This is among the Android apps with sleek design and user interface. Besides, it also offer cool features to any music-loving Android user. You can play music, videos and view photos on it while enjoying most of its features like playlist editor, widgets, fast scrolling, easy searching, and more.

Music Volume EQ (Free)

Equalizer plays a great role in making music listening better than you’ve ever experienced and that’s what exactly Music Volume EQ does. It turns your Android device into a portable music studio where you can adjust the music and the intensity of every audio frequency. It also has a cool design and background that would eventually make you feel better while listening to the music of your choice. It features five-band equalizer together with virtualizer effect and bass boost. And oh, the stereo LED VU meter, it’s cool at night.

4shared Music  (Free)

It does not really offer cool music enhancements but it lets you access millions of music saved on 4shared servers and download to your phone. Basically, this app offers you the easiest way to search for music. While others are trying hard to Google their favorite music (old or new) 4shared will let you find it in seconds.

TuneIn Radio (Free)

You can listen to the world wherever, whenever with this Android app. What it does is offer you more than 50,000 radio stations from around the world and more than 1.2 million of on-demand programs. While it does not offer any sound enhancement features, the number of radio stations and programs is enough to make you feel lucking to have installed this app in your device. The new Car Mode update will let you listen to music without even touching your device; just say the commands and this app will let it happen.

SoundHound ($4.99)

There are times when you hear a certain kind of song but you don’t know what it’s called or what the title could be. That’s where SoundHound enters. It is renowned for being intelligent music recognition app…and it’s the fastest you can get for your Android device. It has received so much positive feedback from big review firms for offering such unique service. For only $4.99 you can surely enjoy the service you can never find from other music Android apps.

DoubleTwist Player (Free)

This app bridges the gap between iOS and Android devices as you can now sync your iTunes music playlist with your Android. Plus you will get an all-in-one app for podcast, music, radio and video. doubleTwist Player also features streaming for music, videos and photos from your other devices such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Sonos and Apple TV. You can also download legal with high quality album artworks for all of your music. In short, you will be getting a lot from just one application off the Google Play Store.

Audio Master Pro - Equalizer ($2.99)

I am always amazed when there is an equalizer app that does what it promises. Audio Master Pro promises almost everything that other equalizer apps on Google Play promise but it has what it takes to be appreciated for the quality of sound it produces. It has 5 band sliders just like other equalizers do but when it says it offers bass boost, it does not just offer it, the app makes sure it offers the best quality. I have a personal experience of this app for very long that I’m still using it right now. I always have a good reason not to shift to other equalizers and stick to this one.

MediaU Radio ($1.99)

Basically, it streams radio stations as most of the radio apps available on the web right now. What mediaU Radio Android app boasts is the diversity of radio station genres it offers as well as the quality of the feed a user can enjoy. If interrupted, this app will automatically reconnect but it promises stable and smooth listening when in 3G network. Other features it offers include sleep timer, schedule play, widgets, and easy station locator. It does not offer anything else but radio AM/FM streaming and for $1.99 you can get the best of it.

Car Music Player ($1.49)

It is never new to anyone that some people receive calls and text messages or manipulate their phones while driving and I don’t approve of such practice because it would always lead to disaster on the road. That’s why I want to promote Car Music Player Android app because it does the job well. It has large and easy access buttons and controls making it easier for the driver to see whatever he’s looking for while driving. For easy scanning, the developers of this app made sure to put in larger text with easy to manage playlist.

The good thing about smartphones today is that their battery lasts longer. For Android devices that have considerably high specs, their battery often reaches up to 24 hours without the need of a recharge. Playing music is very light on your phone as well as to your battery. If you are traveling a long way, then your Android device could become your best friend, and with the help of these music apps, you will surely have a great time whenever, wherever. Sometimes, you just have to learn more of the apps that would fit your lifestyle. There are apps that offer really cool features but you just don’t like the way they look or play things. With millions of apps in Google Play Store, you have the luxury to be meticulous of the ones you are going to use. Well, mine is Winamp. What’s yours?

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