Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabooks Series Revealed

During the summer most of the major manufacturers have new devices to be announced or released and Acer is just one of them. In fact, it just made an announcement today about its upcoming Aspire M5 Ultrabooks which is expected to compete side-by-side with Sony’s Vaio laptops. The thing is, Acer has been known to releasing unique laptops and ultrabooks in the past and anyone can expect the same this year. In fact, the new series of Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabooks are designed in such a way that people would surely turn their heads to see. Putting up really cool and sleek designs is one of the best traits of Acer; it’s as if it’s designer always have idea on how to attract more buyers and customers.

There have already been plenty of ultrabooks released by Acer before and majority of them received approvals from meticulous reviewers for having really great designs but most especially for fairly high specs. Being one of the manufacturers that have already built solid reputation in the global market, Acer promised that there would be new models to be released every year and the most recent announcement is of course included in the plan. There hasn’t been any information as to when these devices would be released in the United States and the rest of the world. But Acer had always displayed prompt actions when it comes to bringing its devices to the market so we can expect that Acer Aspire M5 ultrabook series would be release real soon so as to keep the momentum of the hype built over those devices. There are actually four things Acer applied for these devices and they are as follows;

Performance. Every manufacturer couldn’t just neglect this factor because tech enthusiasts and majority of laptop buyers often look for the specs as well as the smoothness of every operation. While the official press release didn’t reveal the full specs of the new models, I believe Acer wouldn’t go cheap when it comes to the CPU. I think Aspire M5 series would sport quad-core processor either the i5 variant or the i7. This is going to be Acer’s entry into the high-end market this year and it is necessary to candy-coat these computers with good specs.

Convenience. If you have been a fan of Acer, you would notice the difference between using an Acer laptop and using others from different manufacturer. Everything in Acer laptops are designed to provide convenient services to the owners and users. The keyboards of these devices are often custom-designed with contours to make it easier to type. Also, the current design allows the users to lay the laptop straight on the table evident that Acer’s designs often go beyond what it expected of it.

Connectivity. Laptops should have everything needed to connect or make connection with other devices. You can connect to the internet both wired and wireless. These are given features, anyway. But then again, it’s good for everyone to know that Acer Aspire M5 Ultrabooks don’t lack anything.

Battery Life. Everybody knows all these laptops are nothing but a piece of junk if they don’t have battery. So Acer didn’t take any chances, instead it made sure its laptops could get as powerful battery as possible to ensure owners can use their laptops for fairly long time before being required to recharge. Only a few manufacturers actually think of giving their batteries a boost, fortunately Acer is not one of them.

As per the press release today, there are two Acer Aspire M5 ultrabooks that would soon be brought in the market; the 14 inches and 15 inches models. Basically, there is no other difference you can find between these computers but the size of the screen. So, either of the two you will get the same power and performance. Besides, an inch difference is not really noticeable considering we are talking about diagonal measurement here.



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