Top 10 Best Android Keyboard Apps for Smartphones

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The best Android keyboard apps for smartphones can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store. You don’t really need to spend some cash on these wonderful applications. All that you need to do is to know the best apps so you won’t be able to waste your time with those apps that won’t be of much use to your phone. And speaking of which, we have already collected the best keyboard apps and you can simply pick the one that you think would be beneficial to your typing experience. So if you are all set to know these download-worthy apps, feel free to browse our list below.

1 – GO Keyboard by Go Dev Team

From the brilliant developers of Go Launcher Ex, the alternative launcher for Android phones, GO Keyboard will give you the full ability to customize your phone’s keyboard. This neat app supports Emoji and comes in multiple languages and keyboard layouts. You can also download themes to match your keyboard to your preferred style or colors. There are a couple GO Keyboard themes that you can download for free at the Google Play Store and GO Store. This includes the Go Keyboard iPhone Theme, Pink Theme and a whole lot more. Moreover, you can set your custom backgrounds and skins and you can easily revert back to your default keyboard. Just make sure that you have at least 5.65MB of free storage space on your phone.

GO Keyboard

2 – TouchPal Keyboard by Cootek

Now is the right time for you to free yourself from typing errors. If you opt to have the TouchPal Keyboard installed on your smartphone, you will be able to take advantage of the Swype technology that has already been integrated on your phone. TouchPal can somewhat be considered as the innovated version of Swype and it automatically predicts the word that you are about to type. For example, if you want to type the word ‘acknowledgement’, just swipe the letters a, c, k and n and the app will do the rest of the work. You will, of course, be saved from spelling errors unless of course, you are fond of using your own smartphone text lingo. With this app, you can easily send a text message without frequent tapping the backspace button.

TouchPal Keyboard

3 – SlideIT Soft Keyboard by Dasur, Ltd.

Similar to the concept of Swype typing, the SlideIT Soft Keyboard app allows you to swipe through the letters of the word that you are about to type. No need for taps. Plus, you can even adjust the size of the keyboard screen according to your liking. This particular feature is mostly absent from any other keyboard apps. Moreover, you can make use of shortcuts. If you want to type the phrase “I Love You”, you just need to type three letters and that’s I, L and U. That way, it would be easier and faster for you to send your messages or do a quick search. And if you are the artistic type and you want to customize your keyboard according to your preferred style, you can easily do so because the app comes with a built-in support for keyboard customization.

SlideIT Soft Keyboard

4 – SwiftKey X Keyboard Free by Touchtype, Ltd.

Everybody knows that the main objective of these keyboard apps is to make you type faster and easier. But with SwiftKey X Keyboard Free, you can do more than that. It’s a very intuitive app that understands how words work and it will magically predict the words that you are about to type by simply putting in the first letter. Moreover, the app gives off a very fluid UI. The interface looks very neat without those fancy and unnecessary buttons. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals. And similar to any other apps, you can choose from its wide variety of themes. The buttons are also big enough for your finger to tap. Just a bit of reminder: This app will consume at least 4.8MB of your free storage space so be sure to remove those unnecessary apps.

SwiftKey X Keyboard Free by Touchtype

5 – MultiLing Keyboard by Honso

What’s in a MultiLing Keyboard that you cannot easily find on any other keyboard apps? Actually, with this app you can easily switch from English to Arabic to Japanese to Korean in just a few taps. No need to go to settings and have your keyboard language set after a bunch of confusing options. You can even add a couple of unique symbols that you thought you can only do on your laptop or computer. Apparently, this app is recommended for those that can write and read a couple of different languages such as those who consider English as their second language. And you will definitely be delighted to know that this app can also allow you to make use of those cute emoji icons!

MultiLing Keyboard by Honso

6 – Simeji Japanese Keyboard by Adamrocker

Japanese and Japanese wannabes will find this keyboard app very useful especially in their day-to-day text conversations. If you are hooked to almost everything that’s related to Japan and their native language, Nippongo, you can have this app installed on your smartphone. This app combines the Japanese language together with the English language and you can easily toggle between these two languages in just a few taps. Furthermore, the interface of this app looks very cute and you can even customize the background of your keyboard according to your liking.

Simeji Japanese Keyboard

7 – A.I. Type Keyboard Free by A.I.Type

If you are currently looking for an app with the ability to complete your current word and suggest your next word, look no further. What you have here is a very reliable keyboard application for Android called A.I. Type Keyboard. However, you have to keep in mind that this is the free trial edition and if ever you want to continue to avail the app’s value-added features, you have to buy the paid version of the app from the Google Play Store. On the lighter side, the free version can stay on your phone after the trial period and it will still be usable. You just need to be aware of the limitations. True to its name, this keyboard app will learn your unique style of writing and by the time that you will need to type a message, it has already learned your words.

A.I. Type Keyboard Free by A.I.Type

8 – iPhone Keyboard Emulator Free by SixGreen Labs, Inc.

Android users who are looking to experience what it’s like to type like those with iPhones can now do so thanks to this neat app called iPhone Keyboard Emulator. By downloading this app, you will have the ability to change your default keyboard and make it look like the keyboard of Apple’s iPhone. The features are not really 100% similar to the iPhone but you can somewhat say that it looks very close to the original iOS keyboard.

iPhone Keyboard Emulator Free

9 – Siine Keyboard by Siine, Ltd.

The Siine Keyboard app might surprise you. That’s because it is not like the usual keyboard apps that you can find on the Google PLAY Store. With Siine, you are bound to encounter a whole lot of new ideas that has been effectively implemented on a keyboard. You can make your emoticons, you can delete your misspelled words in a breeze and you can even make use of shortcuts to make your texting faster and easier. For example, you can just press the icon for ‘Call you Later’ and the app will automatically type those pre-set words. The app will work on your phone like magic.

Siine Keyboard by Siine, Ltd.

10 – ThickButtons Keyboard by Brightside Software

We often get annoyed by the small buttons of our phone’s keyboard. The numeric keypad might do well for quick taps but if you switch on QWERTY, you will definitely have no choice but to set your phone on landscape mode. But with ThickButtons, there’s no need for you to adjust to your keyboard. Instead, the keyboard will adjust for you in a way that it will predict the next letters that you are about to tap and it will make them go larger. Aside from enlarging your keyboard buttons, the app will also highlight these letters and it would be easier for you to type the words. The concept behind this app appears to very simple but also very practical. We couldn’t agree more!

ThickButtons Keyboard

The above apps are those that we consider as the best keyboard apps for your Android smartphones. Just see to it that your device is qualified to download any apps as there are certain requirements that you need to comply. Nonetheless, majority of these apps can be installed on smartphones with Android 2.0 Froyo or any of the latest Android versions. It is also not very unusual for Android users to opt for these apps instead of using their phone’s stock keyboard. For sure, there will come a time where you will also begin to feel bored of your default phone keyboard and when that time comes, you can simply look for an alternative at the Google Play Store. Most importantly, free apps are the best because you don’t need to pay and you can instantly download the app that you like and have it installed on your mobile device. But if ever you do want to try any of those paid keyboard apps, you can always do so.

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