HTC Desire C Specs Detailed: A Budget-Friendly Smartphone

This is the second time we are reporting about HTC Desire C which has recently been leaked through the official website of Vodafone in Portugal. While we’ve already known that HTC has been so aggressive in promoting its new flagship in the form of HTC One X, we seemed to have missed some devices the company has in store for the people who could have been waiting for cheaper devices. Even if the hype hasn’t been built up for HTC Desire C, the company still officially announced it today giving out necessary information everybody wants to know about the budget-friendly handset.

Yesterday, I’ve posted an article about this device speculating on things that might come with it. However, it seems like I have been expecting so much from this device and have actually gone overboard with my speculations and predictions especially on the CPU. This time around, there will be no speculating because we have a copy of the initial specs provided by HTC itself. I will try to present everything here the best that I could however, if you know something that I don’t about HTC Desire C, feel free to contact me here. Anyway, the following are the specs based on the official document and press release from HTC.

Processor - Again, I went overboard yesterday when I speculated in a post that HTC Desire C would be sporting a 1GHz CPU but the initial specs from HTC indicates that it would actually just get 600MHz processor in the form of Qualcomm Snapdragon. Although the document didn’t specify if there would be a GPU or not, I believe there would be an Adreno 200 attached to the processor. Also, I believe that the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that would be used for this device will be the model MSM7225A, an ARMv7-based Cortex-A5 processor that comes with an enhanced version of Adreno 200 GPU. This processor would also allow overclocking reaching up to 800MHz if you are using a custom ROM where such feature is present.

RAM & Storage - There is no information as to how much RAM HTC Desire C will get but I still stand by my speculations yesterday that it will be getting 512 MB. Other devices with the same CPU power like LG P500 were given just 256 MB. While it is still possible to have such amount of RAM for this device, the fact that it will operate on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is enough to suggest that a bigger memory is needed. Devices like LG P500 and Samsung Galaxy Y that almost have the same specs with this handset only get Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is way lighter than ICS so it’s acceptable that these devices got 256 MB only. On the other hand, HTC Desire C gets 4GB internal memory just like what I said yesterday. For some 4GB is not enough but there is a microSD slot where you can use up to 32 GB card to upgrade your storage capacity. This is what we can expect from HTC devices, there would always be a slot.

Display & Camera - Today, it’s confirmed that this handset will be getting 3.5-inches screen size with 320 x 480 pixels resolution featuring capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. With the size and resolution, you will be getting around 165 PPI pixel density on your screen. It may not be as impressive as other devices with HD display but it’s enough to display graphics and other multimedia files clearly. Again, I was right when I said this handset would be getting 5MP camera, although there’s only one. HTC Desire C doesn’t have secondary camera for video chatting. But I guess everyone can live with that considering video conferencing is seldom used.

Beats Audio - One of the things that could be found in HTC high-end smart phones is the Beats Audio by Dr. Dre. Fortunately, HTC Desire C gets this feature making its audio output clearer and better than other smart phones in the market today that don’t have this feature. Basically, when you’re playing some music in this device, you would be able to determine it produces better sound with all the details, dynamics and bass boost included; that’s what Beats Audio do to your device. With this feature, the sound you can hear from your device especially when you’re using headphones is as realistic as you think they are. Every audio dimension and dynamics are being served right your ears.

Price & Other Features - HTC Desire C will be offered in White, Red and Black and you can get one from T-Mobile UK for £170 or around US$ 273. This price is of course fair enough for a device that’s going to conquer the low-end market. PAYG, on the other hand, offers it for £15.50 every month with a contract of course. There is no information available as to when this handset would be released in the market but rumors say we will be able to see this device in action this month perhaps before Samsung releases its Galaxy S3. Otherwise, no one would take some time to look into this device if it’s released on the same day GS3 would make a debut.

HTC Desire C was built to give people more option to choose between better low-end devices. While it only has 600MHz CPU, you can still count on it considering the specs are not really that low. For me, this device is worth the price retailers are offering it for. So, if you are not really into powerful handsets but are looking for the one you can use everyday without you spending more than $300, then this handset could be your best option when it’s released. There could be other devices out there that would pose a stiff competition with this device, but the fact that it’s from HTC is enough to assure you that this device is built to last a long time. Durability and high quality are basically what made HTC proud of its devices. Although we still have to see HTC Desire C in action, I think it has what it takes to be called the best in the low-end market.



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