Sony Vaio S & Z Ultrabooks Announced Featuring Intel Ivy Bridge Processor

In an announcement today, Sony confirmed the rumors that the Sony Vaio S and Vaio Z will be sporting an Intel Ivy Bridge processor to be able to cope up with the cutting edge competition. The company also announced Sony Vaio E Series 15 and E Series 17 today as additions to its already popular Vaio brand. It seems like the company is cramming up to release as many laptop computers as possible during summer. Just in April and May, we have already been hearing a lot of rumors, speculations and confirmed reports that Sony will be bringing more products in the market this year and that includes gaming consoles, smart phones and laptops or ultrabooks.

Early this month, one of our writers here also reported about Sony Vaio T11 and T13 and how these computers would eventually take the lead. Aggressiveness is one of the things the company is showing to everyone right now and it means serious business as most of these Vaio line of ultrabooks and laptops come with Ivy Bridge processors. While there were no sufficient information as to what chipset Sony would be using for these devices, we already know it would be using Intel Core i7 processor.

Apparently, Sony is going for very thin but powerful laptops because in today’s world anyone is looking for smaller or thinner devices. For smart phones, pocket size handsets always have advantage than bulky ones. But for laptops, it would always be appealing to everyone if it is thin but comes with really powerful hardware with impressive specs. That’s what exactly Sony is trying to do just to acquire more attention than it already has.

As I was saying, both of these devices will be sporting the quad-core i7-3612QM and each will have 8GB RAM to make use of Windows 7 64-bit to its optimum level. Basically, these models will become the rivals of Apple’s MacBook Pro that also uses the same CU but with slightly different chipset. Nonetheless, the power these devices will offer would be more than what we think they can offer. If last year was the time for dual-core computers, this year is for quad-core.

We know exactly that manufacturers are competing on a very stiff market for both smart phones and computers. Having to use powerful and first-class processors is just one of the  many marketing tactics each one of them is using to attract more buyers and customers. While it is now becoming congested in the tech market, no one would actually benefit from it but the buyers and tech enthusiasts who are on the lookout for great new devices. This year, we will be seeing really powerful devices offered at fair prices.

There are no other information as to when the release dates of these devices would be or how much they would be marketed for. But I believe Sony will be going to release them in time for the summer; June could be the perfect month for great releases, although July could also be possible. But let’s just wait for further information from Sony.



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