Samsung Epic 4G Touch Official Android 4.0 ICS Build FD24 Update Leaked, Available For Download

Yesterday,The XDA Developer shared with us the leaked official Samsung Epic 4G Touch Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software update with a tutorial on how to easily reflash your device to run on this package with build FD24. Basically, Sprint had gotten an exclusive right to distribute the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch and as of this day, only the Sprint customers (or used to be) could actually own this product. The ICS build FD24 is actually nearing the final stages and could even hit the devices in a week or two but XDA Developers has gotten their hands on before this firmware update is implemented.

Starting last months, we’ve been hearing rumors that Sprint is actually cramming on updating all of its Android devices to the latest version. Just last week, we’ve know that Samsung Epic 4G Touch has been included on the list and this could be the realization of this plan. However, instead of reaching into its customers first hand, someone has already leaked the ROM to XDA Developers who in turn didn’t waste time to find ways to implement Android 4.0 ICS with build FD24 on Epic 4G Touch.

This update will be rolled out soon enough but for the people who couldn’t wait for the official push from Sprint or Samsung, then the best thing to do is to take matters into your own hands. Now, for those who have the stomach to this tutorial, continue reading below as I will be walking your through step-by-step tutorial to update Samsung Epic 4G Touch with official Android 4.0 ICS software update.

How To Update Samsung Epic 4G Touch With Official ICS Firmware

Before you proceed with the update process, be sure to back everything up including all your data, messages, multimedia files, etc. It would be easier to restore them if things go bad during the process. Also, disable PIN security as it will disrupt the process.

Step 1: Download Samsung or Android drivers for your Epic 4G Touch here and install it to your computer that you will be using to update your device.

Step 2: Download FD24 Full Restore One-Click self-extractor here and extract the package to the directory you can easily remember or access.

Step 3: Run ODIN One-Click from the directory where you’ve extracted it.

Step 4: Put your phone into ODIN download mode. To do this, you need to connect your phone with your computer and see if the COM port turns yellow.

Step 5: Start ODIN Flash process by clicking on Start button.

Step 6: The reflashing should be automatic and you just have to wait until your phone will automatically be rebooted. But you should note that the rebooting process this time will take a little longer than the typical restarting process.

If you want to know how our XDA Developer friends did it on their end, click here.

So far, this is how your should implement the official Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to your Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch smart phone. Do let us know if you have questions.

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