ZTE Grand X Android ICS Smartphone Announced, Features Nvidia Tegra 2 SOC

The leading Chinese manufacturer ZTE recently announced its flagship for this year, the ZTE Grand X Android smartphone which will sport Ice Cream Sandwich as the operating system (OS) and Nvidia Tegra 2 as the system on chip (SOC). The combination of these two aspects would definitely put Grand X ahead of the competition in the category it belongs. But aside from the specs that most Android lovers look for, ZTE’s flagship also markets Grand X as an alternative mobile entertainment hub. The launching happened in Istanbul, Turkey making it the first of the ZTE Grand series to be marketed outside the Chinese market.

Having seen Nvidia Tegra 3 in action, people who are  not well acquainted with the earlier models could say Tegra 2 doesn’t have enough power to ensure smoother and better performance. However, based on the performance and reviews of the devices which have been sporting Tegra 2, there is a reason for us to believe that it has as much power than we think it has. In other words, the release of Tegra 3 just made way for a more powerful SOC but it never degraded the reputation and performance of the prior model. Let’s try to look a little closer into the features of ZTE Grand X smart phone and see if it has what it takes to become the next big thing for the Chinese manufacturer.

Mobile HD Link. We can’t trace the very first smartphone that features the same functionality but we’ve already seen HTC One series sport mobile HD link. Basically, this will allow users to share their multimedia files to large screens such as TV or HD monitors. While this seems to be a common feature, only a handful of devices actually offer this. ZTE boasts that aside from the competitive price the company has gave this device, the features are also a good sales point.

5 MP, 0.3 MP Cameras. ZTE Grand X comes with a primary camera (rear-facing) with 5 megapixels. It may not be enough to compete other devices with higher MPs, this is a decent specification for a photo sensor to be able to capture good resolution photos. The 0.3 MP front-facing camera is typical to most of mid- to high-end smartphones available in the market today; it is enough to ensure clearer video stream during video conferences.

Dolby Sound. ZTE doesn’t want to take it easy as far as features are concerned. While it could easily go away even it will put mediocre audio system in its device, it preferred to include Dolby Digital Sound surround to make voices and sounds a little clearer and more realistic. Aside from better audio playback, it is also capable of recording HD Voice making the recording as realistic as possible.

HD Video Capture. Having a mobile HD link feature almost tells us that everything you see on screen would be in better and higher definition. And since that is the case, it follows that ZTE Grand X will be able to capture videos in HD resolution. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having HD screen.

The official press release didn’t include the price range this device would be marketed. The release date was not included, too. But basing on the common practice of mobile manufacturers, the release date would follow shortly after the official launching. So, it won’t take long before we can see this device in action.

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