Hero Of Sparta – A Funfilled Action Game

Hero of Sparta the best action game created by Gameloft still remains the favourite of every player. It is still exciting the gamers around the world. The game gives a great hardcore experience and proves to be God of war like experience. In the game the Kratos cut Argos the hero of Sparta into half and laugh as he bled. Gameloft has also released Hero of Sparta in a mini version.

Hero of sparta Action Game

Aping God of War would have proved to be a disaster if that was put in the hands of an inexperienced developer. But Hero of Sparta is a fun filled action game and the players would love every bit of it. The great scenery and mythological monsters fighting with a man seem to be really adventurous. Players go through several levels which have scenery which look similar to Greek legend scenes. In one place they have to stab a giant Cyclops and then in other level they end up making miniature shish kebabs.

Along different levels Argos gets new weapons and new gears. Players can upgrade their weapons by pulling the orbs from bodies of killed foes. The controls of the game are different in iPhone and PSPgo. While in the iPhone there are different action buttons and a virtual stick, the players playing through PSPgo can play with face buttons and an actual stick. The game Hero of Sparta can be played easily and is much better in the PSPgo. The players can make sure that they are anchored at the right place and there is no fuss due to the availability of virtual stick. The contextual kills seem to be easier on the PSPgo as the players need to just press familiar buttons and there no need to touch down on the glowing circles.

Hero of Sparta on the PSPgo is quiet similar to what it was on the iPhone. Though Gameloft has upgraded the graphics and also improved the textures. There is also addition of animations and blood in the game. Though there are some features which lack and fail in making it a better game. The crimson splashes do not make the game better than other games because it uses the same blood sprite through the game. However the iPhone version of the game seems to be better and brighter.

The game Hero of Sparta has always been fun filled and entertaining. This action game is better and is similar to the God of War and is also available in a cheaper rate. It is not as good as the Chains of Olympus. Still it has eight stages of solid entertainment and is full of thrills and kills. It is better on the PSPgo when it is compared with the still fun of the iPhone. People expecting a game in which they will be able to slay mythological characters then Hero of Sparta is a good game for them. Hero of Sparta is quiet similar to God of War but it is available at affordable rates.



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