Samsung Galaxy S Advance Will Be Offered By Vodafone UK Starting April 30th

We’ve been following Samsung Galaxy S Advance ever since it was leaked in January and marketed SIM-free in February because basically, it is another variant of the ever popular Samsung Galaxy series and it is as powerful as you may think it is. Taking into consideration its design, price and specs, no one could resist this handset. And good news for Samsung fans out in the United Kingdom as it has been recently confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S Advanced will be distributed by Vodafone UK starting April 30th.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance is actually an upgraded version of the original Galaxy phones but poses inferior to the specs of Samsung Galaxy S2. Nevertheless, for people who are looking for powerful yet affordable device regardless of the current technology trend, this handset could be a perfect choice. This will also serve as a prelude to Samsung Galaxy S3 launch scheduled on May 3rd in London. While not as enticing as the newest Samsung flagship, it is one of the few devices from the Korean manufacturer that received considerably high positive feedback in the past couple of months because of its stability and overall performance.

Galaxy S Advance’s 1 GHz dual-core processor (CPU) paired with 768 MB of RAM proved to be so effective in ensuring that its performance is always on its optimum level. Besides, these specs alone could ensure a smoother experience for every owner. And since this handset is from Samsung, you would enjoy the Super AMOLED technology for its display providing you with good entertainment right on your palm. The 5-megapixel primary camera is a typical one and many of other manufacturers use the same together with 1.3 MP front-facing camera for video chatting and conferencing. You just got to choose whether you want to take home 8GB or 16GB model. Also, the battery of this handset has been proven to last way longer than the original Galaxy S and this is actually one of the factors that you could consider to call it as an advanced version.

Perhaps, one of the things that made this device a little undesirable is the fact that it is still operating on a bit dated Android 2.3 Gingerbread while others are now enjoying the power of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). As technology advances each day, Android ICS is becoming more and more popular that anyone wants to try its power. Having a Gingerbread device wouldn’t actually put you on a level with other Android users who are using the latest version. The good thing, Samsung has a history of rolling out updates shortly after the release of the device, so waiting may be a bit shorter this time. Most of the time, update roll outs are operator-branded but Samsung has never been delayed in providing official ICS firmware or ROMs to the carriers distributing its devices.

If there is also one operator in the UK that has a proven good reputation in offering devices at a reasonable price and was never delayed in rolling out updates for Samsung devices, that would Vodafone. Another operator, however, is offering Samsung Galaxy S Advance for £350. So, we can expect that Vodafone will offer it on the same price range or even lower. Anything that will go past this range would compromise the potential good sales projection of the device.



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