Amazon App Store Earns Higher Than Google Play, iTunes App Store Still Claims Dominance

A new study conducted by Flurry, it shows that despite all the hype about Google Play and with all the interests starting to build up on Android owners’ mind, Amazon App Store still enjoys a higher revenue earning than Google Play. While these two battles, iTunes App Store is enjoying a top spot and still claims dominance over these two. Basically, Flurry’s research made Apple’s online app store as the standard to compare the strengths of these two app stores which we could consider as “startups.”

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Amazon App Store has been doing business long before Google launched Google Play so it is mostly likely enjoying a well-established system while the latter is still learning the ways of the business. For the sake of comparison, Flurry’s research compares the performances of the other two app stores in a “one dollar scale.” It showed that in every $1.00 earned by Apple through its iTunes and Apple Store, Amazon also earns $0.83 which is a little closer than Google’s $0.23. Just by looking at these figures, you will realize Google has been left behind by these two online giants and there is just an explanation for it.

Apple has two sources of its earnings online; the Apple Store and iTunes. Amazon has also been operating the biggest online marketplace with one-click purchasing and excellent customer service. But what does Google offer? Nothing. It doesn’t have any source of income online except, of course, of its Google Play that offers premium apps and search engine that brought the company the wealth it’s enjoying now. So, if you’ve been hearing news about Google’s plans in launching online store to sell subsidized tablets, that’s expected of the company because there is no other way compete Amazon and Apple than to be on their way. Surely, both have had a good laugh when Google tried selling its Nexus One but didn’t work out.

Basically, Google does not just want to launch online store to sell tablets, but to be in direct competition with these already established companies. If there is a perfect time to start, then this year would be perfect. We can, therefore, expect that Google will pursue its plans before 2012 will be over. It will probably offer what Apple and Amazon offer aside from its Google tablets which would pose real threats on these two companies. But is Google ready? We believe so. You might want to read our report entitled Google Planning to Launch Own Android Tablets in 2012 Year as we stated the preparation done by the company.


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