Amazon Android Appstore To Offer In-Apps Purchases

After long debates, Amazon finally agrees with the developers to offer in-app purchases. While such fixture wasn’t really encouraged at first, the company running the appstore sees the need to approve the proposal to retain support from developers who are making the marketplace run. This newly-added rule will eventually help application developers earn more revenue by catering the needs of millions of users who are willing to pay a paltry amount just to unlock some stages or buy in-game coins needed to buy some upgrades.

The Amazon Android Appstore was left behind by Apple Appstore and Google Play Store as far as in-app purchases are concerned. So, there is really a need for the company to step up and abandon the rule that hinders developers to earn from their hard-developed apps. But it is not just the developers who will gain profit from this new rule as Amazon is entitled to receive 30% royalty for every purchase done by app users. The rest will of course hit the pockets of the developers directly.

This update will definitely not make developers jump for joy but it is one thing to attract more of them. In-app purchases are the most obvious lure for developers and it is even the reason why iTunes Appstore and Google Play Store have sky-rocketed the number of applications in their respective marketplaces. Amazon, however, tried to be a bit strict that is why it seemed stuck up as far as the number of apps is concerned. But it is good to know that Amazon finally realized that there is a bright future for its Android apps market if it allows in-app purchases and lower the standards a bit.

While Amazon was left behind by iTunes Appstore and Google Play Store when it comes to in-app purchase scheme, it still earns higher revenue than Google’s own Android appstore. In a study conducted by Flurry which I reported almost two weeks ago, it showed that iTunes Appstore still has the lead in the revenue race followed by Amazon. Google plays in the last place because it lacks just the right tools to conduct more transactions online. In every $1 revenue by Apple, Amazon earns $0.83 while Google earns $0.23. By allowing in-app purchase, it is expected that Amazon will earn higher revenue. In a bid to cope up with the trends in the market, Google will also be launching its own online store to offer its own tablets and other products and services.

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