Nokia N9 Android 4.0.3 Alpha Custom ROM Released: Project Mayhem Brings Dual-Boot Capability

Some Nokia smartphone owners became bitter when the Finnish company decided to side with Microsoft and make its future devices run on Windows Phone. At least, that’s what majority of the people understands. However, third party developers have worked their way into Nokia N9; they were able to put two operating systems in it, letting you choose a platform during start up just like you do when your PC has two OS installed. The best thing about this is that the other OS is Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although it’s not the first time I heard about a developer dual-booting Nokia N9, this one could be the very first to become successful.

Project Mayhem‘s main purpose is to bring Android 4.0.3 ICS to Nokia N9. This project was made possible by NITDroid Team who released the earliest Alpha version yesterday together with a list of features N9 users will enjoy soon if things go well and fast.

Here are some of the features:

- Allows dual-boot kernel without reflashing that would enable Nokia N9 user to choose a platform during startup.

- Make use of 3D drivers and OpenGL. These can also be found in PCs.

- Touchscreen capable of multitouch

- Hw rotation allowing portrait mode only

- Hw buttons both volume and power

- ECI accessory for headset buttons

- USB networking

- LCD turned off while in sleep mode

- Basic video playback and recording

- Bluetooth capability includes scanning and pairing of devices

- Root access via adb shell

There are other features included in the list but these are among the ones that typical Nokia N9 user can understand.

There were several people who worked hard for this project to become successful. But right now, the team needs more testers for this Alpha release so that bugs would be reported and proper support would be given to those who may need it.

Project Mayhem is a very promising project that might be welcomed warmly by the people who love hacking their devices or those who simply want to take the risk for something better.

While Nokia is safe with Microsoft, perhaps they should consider making a deal with Google for Android OS. After all, it is possible (and might even be better) that Nokia devices will be running on the latest Android OS.

So do you think Project Mayhem is worth your time? Would you take the risk in hacking your Nokia N9 for possibility of dual-boot? Let us know what you think by leaving comments below.

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