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Nokia N9 tested by the FCC – Let’s have a look at its components!

Announced a month ago at CommunicAsia 2011, Nokia N9, the first MeeGo phone in the world is still uncertain for release in some parts of the world. These include countries like the U.S. or UK, but it seems that the Americans are luckier and they could receive [...]

HTC says that Sensation has a faster camera than Nokia N9!

Nokia-N9 And HTC Sensation Camera We are witnessing a small duel between developers regarding the cameras boasted by their mobile phones. To understand HTC’s claims, we must first travel a little bit back to the past. Some time ago, Nokia said that the N9 smartphone [...]

Android applications on Nokia N9?

Nokia N9 MeeGo And the answer is most definitely yes! Good news for Nokia users across the world, thanks to a brand new solution developed by some very smart guys. Alien Dalvik is your new best friend from now on! What is Alien Dalvik? Well, Myriad has created a solution [...]

Nokia N9 Powered By The New Meego OS - A Bold Launch By Nokia

Just as we thought that with the range of processors today of the Androids and others in the market were going to take over and rule a market once dominated by Nokia, the company has come up one of the most powerful smart phones. Nokia N9 is a powerful gadget that [...]
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