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Whether you’re a true blue movie buff or just an occasional movie enthusiast, you can’t deny the fact that you need a reliable movie app. And not just any movie app but the best free movies app that you can get for your Android tablet and smartphone. Come to think of it, you are now able to watch movies while comfortably sitting on your sofa on a boring Sunday afternoon. You no longer need to wait in line just to be able to watch the latest romantic flicks on the cinema. As long as you have a TV, a tablet or a smartphone, you can happily watch your movies at home.

And speaking of which, we have listed the top 5 best movie apps that you can download for free at the Google PLAY Store. Free in the sense that you don’t need to purchase the app. You can just pick at least one from our list, create your own collection of must watch movies and voila! You can call up your friends, prepare the drinks and popcorn and voila! You are ready to launch your own movie marathon. We’ve got you covered and we did the digging just to satisfy your unending movie cravings. So sit back, relax and scroll your mouse to read the rest of this post.

1 – Movies by Flixster (Flixster Inc.)

“Movies by Flixster” is a free movie app that you can download from the Google PLAY Store. Just keep in mind that this app may or may not be available on your smartphone as there are certain restrictions that does not allow the app to be distributed in various countries or regions. But if you are in the United States or Canada, then you can freely get this app to appease your movie addiction. With this app, you will be able to watch a wide selection of full-length movies and you can also view the latest and the hottest trailers. The controls and UI of this app is very light and simple. There’s the tab for Box Office which is a specific section that allows you to view a list of Box Office movies (Coming Soon and In Theatres) and you can also build your own collection of great movies. You can even leave your own reviews and ratings. This app alone is good enough to get you hooked to your tablet or phone. Just make sure that you won’t go overboard.

2 – Crackle – Movies & TV (Crackle)

“Crackle – Movies & TV” is also an app that will allow you to watch a lot of full-length movies of different genres. If you want action, comedy, romance, horror or animation, this app can serve it all. But aside from its wide selection of movies, you can also use the app to watch your favorite TV Series. It doesn’t matter if you are hooked to Glee or The Big Bang Theory. And guess what? This app also packs a lot of animes that you can watch for days or weeks! There’s Samurai X, Blood+ and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this app can only be accessed by those who are currently living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. If you want to get the app on your tablet or smartphone, just make sure that your device is powered by Android 2.2+ (Froyo or any of the latest versions of Android) with Flash 10.1+ support. And before we forget, you don’t need to pay for the on demand movies and TV shows. They’re free. So you can stream them up as long as you have a good 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

3 – IMDb Movies & TV (IMDb)

If you’re a movie buff, then you’ve probably heard of IMDb. It’s a site filled with movie reviews and info. But with the IMDb Movies & TV app, you no longer need to go to the site. Just launch the app and you’ll gain access to its wide selection of offerings that ranges from movie trailers to movie reviews and ratings. You won’t be able to watch any full-length movies with this app but you will be linked to its official page at Amazon. That means you can use your Amazon account to rent the movie and have it downloaded via Amazon Instant Video. In addition, the app will also allow you to ‘look up’ for movie showtimes at your nearest local theatre. You can also explore the most popular movies and TV shows. There are tons of activities that you can do using this app. We do suggest that you download this app together with Crackle.

As of now, the app can be downloaded by users worldwide and it comes in nine different languages – English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Just try to look for the app on the Google PLAY Store and see if it’s available on your Android tablet or smartphone.

4 – Netflix (Netflix, Inc.)

Netflix is a free to install app that can be downloaded by Android users in United States, Canada and Latin America. Its concept is similar to the Netflix service that you have on your TV but with the app, you will be able to watch the movies straight to your tablet or smartphone. It can be installed on devices running on Android 2.2 Froyo or any of the latest Android versions. To watch movies, you’ll need to create a member account but you’ll need to pay for a monthly subscription.

If there’s one thing that you should like about Netflix, it’s the fact that you can browse through its wide selection of movies and TV shows. It doesn’t matter if you’re eyeing to watch Kill Bill or Iron Man, just search for the movie title and you’re good to go. Moreover, the interface of the Netflix app is very user friendly. You can search according to Genre or thru a specific title. Just take your pick and you’ll be able to get your results within a matter of seconds.

5 – Redbox (Redbox Automated Retail, LLC)

Redbox is a US-based movie rental service that makes use of automated retail kiosks. It’s a very practical service for movie lovers because you don’t have to go to the store just to reserve your movie of choice. Instead, you will make use of the free Redbox app that you can download for free at the Google PLAY Store. Through this app, you will be able to browse through Redbox’s wide selection of movie titles that ranges from comedy to romance to action. You can even view a lot of movie trailers. But that’s not all. The app will also serve as your guide as it will direct you to the nearest Redbox kiosk. In just a matter of taps, you’ll be able to reserve that you want to watch without the need for you to go to a movie rental store. As long as you have your Android phone, you’re good to go. The app’s interface is very easy to use and the rental fees are very affordable. It’s just that this app cannot be used by Android users outside the US. We do hope that such kind of service will also be offered in various countries throughout the globe.

Bonus App! - GetGlue (AdaptiveBlue)

If you think that we’re done with our list, well, we still have room for one more. Just consider this as a sweet treat from us since like you; we are also fond of watching a lot of movies on our TVs, PCs and smartphones. Now, we’re here to suggest this cool and free movie app for your tablet and smartphone. This app is called GetGlue. It may not be able to let you watch your favorite movies straight your tablet or phone but with this app, you can join a community that’s totally devoted to movies and TV shows. With Get Glue, you can ‘check in’ to your currently watched movies and TV shows. For example, if you’re watching the latest episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, then you can just use the app to let the whole world know that you are a fan of such show. It’s a very cool app that will help you discover the latest and the hottest movies in town and you’ll even earn a bunch of stickers. These stickers will be mailed to you for free so there’s no reason for you to be uninspired.

There you have it folks - our top 5 best movie apps for Android tablets and smartphones! Just like what we have already said, you can download these apps for free at the Google PLAY Store. Some of these apps won’t appear in your search list though. That’s if you’re not living in the above mentioned countries and locations. Just give these apps a try and who knows? One of these apps may have a permanent slot in your tablet or phone. And if you do know a cool and free movie app, feel free to share it below. We would be glad to include more apps to our collection.

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