HTC Media Link HD Revealed, Entertainment Gets Special Treatment

The Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, recently revealed a new treatment for High Definition (HD) display, the HTC Media Link HD. It is actually an accessory, or an HDMI-equipped dongle to be specific, that you can use to connect your Sense 4-capable device to your television and basically amplify the smaller picture from your phone. The amazing thing is, your phone does it wirelessly. To give you a better idea what HTC Media Link HD is, you’ve got to picture out a little black box built by HTC with micro-USB and HDMI ports. You will have to connect it to your TV through HDMI connection and power it through the micro-USB port. From there, you can access almost everything that’s in your phone; you can watch movies, view photos, access documents, etc. but leaving your phone unused.

So, you can make a call using your HTC smartphone while manipulating its contents via your TV. When you try to look a little closer into this setup, it will make you think how all these things happen. And you will be able to realize you are actually using two screens at the same time, in short you are making use of HTC One X/S dual-screen functionality. In all of smart phones available in the market today, only HTC can pull off this capability, although we are expecting the same from other manufacturers in the next releases of their device.

So, how does this work? First, you should have either HTC One X or HTC One S because according to the manufacturer, only these devices are capable of doing it. Then, of course, you should have the HTC Media Link HD that you will use for your TV. Only televisions that have HDMI input ports are capable of this either. If the HTC Media Link HD is powered up and connected to the TV, it will actually make itself as a WiFi hotspot where HTC One X/S will connect itself into. Once the wireless connection is done between these devices, a three-finger swipe to the phone will automatically display or mirror on the TV what your phone has on screen. According to HTC, this technology is no different from other wireless display technologies where the phone, if within range, sends steady encoded stream of its frame buffer to the receiver where it will be decoded and pass on the HDMI channel for interpretation on a larger screen, in this case the TV.

There is no official information as to when HTC Media Link HD will be released as well as how much it would be marketed. But since it has already been revealed, it would be within a few weeks time. Expansys-USA however, priced it at $109.99. So, we assume it would play around that price range. As of now, only HTC One X and One S are capable of pairing with the device but we are expecting that in the following months, other HTC devices will be able to do so. Or, perhaps a new universal receiver will be released to offer the same service.



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