How To Run Windows 8 on iPad: You Can Enjoy Multiple Touch Screen Features

If you want to run Windows 8 on iPad then you must check out the Windows 8 Tested app by Splashtop Inc. There must be many folks out there who want to taste the Windows 8 new user interface on their iPad and for you all Splashtop came up with a Windows 8 Metro Tested Application to run Windows 8 on iPad. There are many new advance features are there in Windows 8. The Metro UI feature is one of the best feature for touch screen devices. If you have ever used any Windows Phone then you will probabily know what we are talking about. To have the fun of new features in Windows 8 on your iPad you should download and try this application by Splashtop.

Windows 8 on iPad. Credit- Splashtop Inc.

Well there are many folks who already have iPad and maybe going to buy a Windows 8 featuring Tablet in future. So now this tutorial will surely drop a little bit of sells of these Windows 8 devices in future. Now as you can try out the multiple touch screen feature on your iPad too, there is no need you should go for new tablet just to have Windows 8 on the device and use its special features. This application for iPad will cost you around $24.99. Well it is like expensive app for an expensive device but it will surely worth it.

These are the steps to Run Windows 8 on iPad.

  • Step 1: First of all make sure that you have already installed Windows 8 on your Computer. Now install the Splashtop Streamer Client for your Windows 8 Computer. [Follow this link- Splashtop Streamer Client Software]
  • Step 2: Now Download Splashtop Remote Desktop application for iPad by following this Download Link.
  • Step 3: Now configure Splashtip Streamer client software on your Computer and set a password to be operated by your iPad.
  • Step 4: Now install the Splashtop Remote desktop app which you have downloaded in step 2 on your iPad.
  • Step 5: Now run this application on your iPad and then this application will show you the computers installed and running Splashtop Streamer software. As you have installed and running the Software on your Windows 8 device, it will show this computer on your iPad.
  • Step 6: Now from the list as you will get only one computer name click on it and then use the password to access it.

Now you have access to the computer with Windows 8 on it. You have this access using a remote client. Now you can control the computer and have fun of Windows 8 on your iPad too.

These are the screen shots of Windows 8 on an iPad.

Screen Shot 1-

Windows 8 on iPad Screen Shot

Screen Shot 2-

Windows 8 on iPad Screen Shot 2

Now your iPad is a multitouch monitor for your Windows 8 machine. The features of Windows 8 are really cool with touch and swipe gestures. One of the cool features of Windows 8 touch based devices is that when you will open multiple work tabs then you can control them on one screen. The tabs will be shown in parts on your screen. Well why don’t you try it out on your iPad and let us know if you have any problem installing the app and running Windows 8 remotely on your device.

[Images- Via Splashtop Inc.]

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