Google May Launch Online Store To Sell Its Subsidized Tablets & Other Products

In the past couple of days Google made it to the top of the trending topic for mobile devices especially on tablets considering it is current planning on launching an online store that would showcase its very own Nexus Tablet. Through the online store, the company will be able to receive online orders directly from customers and this is what it has been planning for very long years. While it has already tried such business scheme and didn’t succeed before, Google still wants to give it a try once again to see if this time things will go as planned.

Motorola Acquisition. Recent reports suggest that Google will soon acquire Motorola and it could have been the reason why it has decided to sell its own products online. The acquisition of Motorola Corporation puts Google to a better place as far as manufacturing of its own device is concerned. Google now has the power to make its own hardware customized to fit the design it wants for its devices. Besides, manufacturing cost would be lower than usual, although reports also say the company doesn’t have a plan to let go of its manufacturing partners such as Samsung Electronics Co. and AsusTek Computer Inc.

Of course, Google wouldn’t be able to manufacture all of the parts of its upcoming devices. Samsung is badly needed especially when display is concerned. As you remember, Samsung is the main promoter of AMOLED display technology which could be the only thing that could pose a threat to Apple iPad’s Retina Display.

Subsidized Tablets. The acquisition of the manufacturing company is actually a big leap for Google to actually take the lead from Apple in the next few years. Having to own a manufacturing plant would ensure that Google‘s plans of subsidizing its Nexus tablets would be realized. According to the story published by The Wall Street Journal, Google will be offering its tablet within $200 price range. With Apple iPad floating on a $499 price tag, it would be easier for Google to make things a little difficult for Apple.

Competition in the tablet market is currently being monopolized by the New iPad because it is the most known device as of this moment. But it seems that it won’t take long enough before Google can finally stand on its feet and pose a threat to Apple. With high specs Nexus tablet offered at a lower price, people couldn’t be able to resist the temptation of ordering one from Google.



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