How To Update Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 To DDLD4 2.3.6 Gingerbread Firmware

The official DDLD4 2.3.6 Gingerbread update for Samsung Galaxy S Advance has already been pushed in India and is now available for download. The over the air update will be available in the country starting today so if you want to have your Galaxy S Advance updated to the latest firmware but you’ve never received a notification, you better check the updates manually. If there’s none still, then this tutorial can help you. The thing is, although the update is currently exclusive for India, any Samsung Galaxy S Advance with model I9070 could be updated to DDLD4 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware with this tutorial. But you should you know, doing this would void the warranty. If you don’t have the stomach to do this, then don’t. For those who are gutsy enough, check the pre-requisites first.


A. Backup all the data in your phone including your messages, settings, emails, contacts, etc. It would be better if you backup the entire data so that it would be easier to retrieve all of them.

B. Check if your phone has at least 60% of battery left. If not, recharge it to make sure you have all the power you need to complete the update process.

C. Disable all your security suites including your antivirus apps to make sure there are no disruptions during the process.

D. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings => Applications => Development => USB Debugging.

Updating Galaxy S Advance to Official DDLD4 Gingerbread

Step 1: Download DDLD4 2.3.6 Gingerbread package from here and extract it in a directory you can easily access.

Step 2: Download Odin software from here and save it in the directory where you’ve extracted the DDLD4 package. This is the application you will be using to update your device.

Step 3: Run Odin application from your computer.

Step 4: Boot your device into Download Mode by holding down three keys together: Volume Down, Center Button, and Power Button. You will see if you’ve done this successfully because it will be indicated on your screen. If it fails, just do the same step again.

Step 5: Connect your phone to your computer using the USB Cable and check if the ID:COM section on the Odin interface turns yellow. If it does, the connection is good. If not, then check if the necessary drivers were installed for Samsung Galaxy S Advance. Or you can check if the ‘Samsung KIES’ option is ticked before connecting your phone.

Step 6: Assuming you have a good connection between your computer and phone, click on “PDA” option on Odin and browse through the directory where you’ve extracted the package. There’s only one PDA file so select it and click “Start.” The update will take a little of your time but you’ve got to wait until your phone is restarted automatically.

Step 7: Once your phone is up and running, go to Applications => Settings => About Phone and see if your device bears DDLD4 2.3.6 firmware.

Step 8: If the update was a failure, turn your device off again and put it into Recover Mode and wipe the data. Then repeat the same process.

This process is straightforward so things are easier than what they seem. If you’re also following this tutorial step-by-step, what could possibly go wrong?

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