BlackBerry Roadmap Shows 7 New Products For 2012 Year

You’ve already heard from us that RIM is currently gearing up for the upcoming release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 and BlackBerry OS 10. Both systems will be derived from a different platform called QNX. Now, you’re probably thinking of what’s next. RIM didn’t say much at the 2012 CES but it plans to release its new set of devices that will, of course, be running on its newly-developed kernels.


If not for the leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap that we got from the folks of n4bb, we wouldn’t have learned about RIM’s forthcoming products. But it seems that you won’t be seeing much of these new devices. Based from the leaked roadmap, there’s only one BlackBerry OS 10 device that will be launched this year. The mobile device will most likely be called as the BlackBerry London (or BlackBerry Surfboard) but you will have to wait until September before you can avail one at selected retail stores.

Aside from London, the roadmap revealed RIM’s plan to release the PlayBook OS 2.0 (along with the new PlayBook Admin Service) by the end of February. There were also rumors stating that the firmware could be out this coming February 17th. Meanwhile, the Mobile Fusion service management tool has already been slated for April. With Mobile Fusion, IT administrators can remotely access your BlackBerry, iOS or Android device. On the same month, RIM plans to release a 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook with a built-in support for 3G+. The LTE enabled 10 inch PlayBook will then be released by December 2012.

But wait, there’s more. Do expect that RIM will be launching its two new Curve handsets. The date of release was not specified but it seems that the other one will be offered as a 2G only device. Sadly, the roadmap revealed that the phones will only be made available at selected regions in Africa and East Asia.



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