Amazon Tablet - The Most Awaited Tablet of the Year

This year has seen the launch of a number of tablets by various manufacturers. The latest manufacturer to join in the race is Amazon. The device will be an Android powered device. This device is expected to have the same features like the ones available in other tablets. If the predictions are to be believed, the Amazon Tablet is going to give even the best Android tablets a run for money. With a beloved online customer base behind them, the product already has gained enough publicity. The device will have features like Cloud Player and Amazon Apps that take the device a step ahead of other tablets. This is the tablet to look forward to in the days to come by for every tech buff.

Amazon Android Tablet

Amazon is planning to launch two different tablets. One will be of 7-inch for people who would like to have a light one which they can carry around easily. The other will be of 10-inch for people who like to have a bigger screen. This way, Amazon is trying to make their presence felt in the tablet market. Amazon has approached Samsung to manufacture the tablet for them. The tablet will be thin and will have Gorilla glass display to prevent scratches on the screen. In addition, you will be able to add external memory with the help of microSD cards. There will be two cameras like in all other tablets, one at the back and the other at the front.

Android operating system will power the tablet. The tablet is slated for a Christmas release. In addition, it might have the latest version of the Android. Amazon already has an Android Apps Store. Hence, if you are buy the Amazon Tablet, you do not have to go to search elsewhere to download the apps. You can get it directly from the Amazon’s Android apps store. The services expected from Amazon are very high due to the Kindle app, Cloud Player service and the Android Apps Store. No other tablet manufacturer has been able to promise so many features and services.

People expect that the Amazon Tablet to top the current tablet market. There is not much information or clues available on the type of processor and CPUs that the tablet will have. There is lot of guessing going around among the tech savvy people. They are trying hard to guess what the Amazon Tablet will be like. The company though prefers to keep everything concealed until its launch. Amazon is planning to monetize during the spending spree that the people usually do in Christmas by launching the tablet at that time.

There are rumors that that the touch panel of the Amazon Tablet will be manufactured with the help of Electrophoretic Display (EPD). The display of the Amazon Tablet will be an LCD display. With so many features to look forward, it is the most awaited tablet of the year. Moreover, as Amazon is not revealing any details about the tablet, people are getting more eager and restless for its launch.



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