Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date: US,UK,Canada,Europe,India,Russia & Japan

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 release date is drawing near causing too much excitement for tech enthusiasts and Android lovers. Even though there has been so much hype built around it, most of the people don’t know when and where the phone would be released. This article is a collection of information we’ve gathered about the release of Galaxy S3 in different countries or regions.

US Release

It was reported that the shipping of the blue S3 version will start on May 29 while the white one starts on June 1, this is based on Amazon’s offering. In an Unwired View report, it is stated that the i9300 Galaxy S3 that will go straight to AT&T will be fully compatible with the carrier’s HSPA network, thus, anyone would be able to enjoy 4G HSPA+ connectivity as long as you are within range. However, contrary to previous reports, there will be no support for LTE in this model.

For T-Mobile subscribers, it seems like even HSPA connectivity is impossible to use considering i9300 model lacks all necessary support for 1700 band. And since Galaxy S3 is not a CDMA phone, Verizon and Sprint couldn’t offer it. This leaves AT&T as the sole beneficiary of the benefits Galaxy S3 will bring in the US because probably, people would want to use this handset for fast and smooth surfing experience.

UK & Europe Release

Galaxy S3 hopeful owners in the UK and Europe will be the ones to be able to enjoy the device to its maximum performance as UK will be the first country where Samsung would be dropping off its newest flagship. The scheduled release of this smart phone in UK and the rest of Europe is on May 29th and so far, it is the fastest selling gadget in history hitting almost 10 million in pre-orders beating iPhone’s figures.

The quad-core variant or the original version of this smartphone will be the one to be released in the UK and this delighted all tech enthusiasts in the country considering there are only a handful of devices that offer quad-core processors. The fact that Samsung launched the device in London on May 3rd has helped in building the popularity and notoriety of the S3 in UK.

India Release

There hasn’t been a confirmation of the fixed date as to when this device would reach the Indian market. But, BGR India and Stuff India have already received their respective invitations to attend a Samsung even on May 31st which is believed to be the formal introduction or launching of the device in the country. Thus, it won’t be long after the launching that it will be released.

The tentative and rumored date for Indian release is June 8th, although this is unconfirmed. This could change at any time but a week after the announcement is the perfect time to release the device. But we will really have to see about that and learn if our speculations and predictions could become true.

Russia Release

As of this writing, there are no other reports indicating that another company would help in the distribution of Galaxy S3 in Russia. So, we are left to believe that Samsung is the sole distributor of its flagship in that region. There are several Samsung stores in Russia so tech enthusiasts from that country wouldn’t find it difficult to buy one.

In the official Samsung Russia page, the company started the countdown a few days ago but as of this writing, there are 10 days and 20 hours remaining before the big day. Needless to say, Russian would be able to see the handset in action starting June 4 or 5. S3 will be marketed in Russia for 29,990 Rubles.

Japan Release

There is no information as to the specific date Galaxy S3 will be released in Japan but we know for a fact that it will go straight to NTT Docomo; it will be the exclusive distributor of Samsung’s new flagship in the Japanese market. We don’t even think that Samsung would help in the distribution in the region.

But anyway, rumors have it that Japanese S3 variant will sport a dual-core just like the model for the US. But the catch is, it will come with 2GB RAM which is too much I believe. This leaves us thinking that if both the US and the Japanese variants have the same specs, there could be a possibility that Americans will also be getting the 2GB RAM version.

Canada Release

It has also been confirmed that Canada would also be receiving S3 but the question of availability had always left us hanging. But just recently, an advertisement teased of the device and it said that it will arrive on Canadian shores on June 20th. That could be a later date for people have been anticipating for the release but it’s reassuring to know it would somehow make its way to Canada.

Further reports suggested that all the four major operators, namely Rogers, Bell, TELUS, and Virgin Mobile would be offering the device. Canada will be receiving the international variant of the device considering telcos in the region are still in the initial stage of rolling out LTE upgrade.

Had I missed something out in this list, let me know by leaving comments below. Feel free to speak out your mind, too.

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