Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Up for Pre-Order in the US For $799.99

The most anticipated Samsung flagship, Galaxy S3, is now up for pre-order in Amazon for $799.99. The model being offered at this price is the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB with two color variants, blue and white. This is actually the international variant of the device so it comes with Exynos 4 Quad processor but not LTE capability. Eventually, it brings both satisfaction and dismay at the same time and I would have to tell you that as we go along in this article. The expected start date for the shipment of Galaxy S3 according to Amazon US is on June 1st. But there’s no telling when the US variant with LTE capability would start shipping for US customers who might have been waiting for it for weeks now.

I said a while back that this variant will come bringing both satisfaction and dismay. Let me put it this way; there are actually two groups of people in the US expecting this device. Firstly, the tech enthusiasts and the specs-thirsty people; these are the ones who want to see this device in action; the people who want to receive the quad-core version. Most of the times we hear people saying 3G network or HSPA+ is more than enough of a connection and that they are satisfied with it. Basically, they don’t need LTE to satisfy them, they want a device that works like a charm; a device that is so powerful to do anything they want. And this variant is just what they are waiting for.

The second group of people is the ones who want to use the Internet as often as possible and needed it to be as fast as possible. Thus, these are the ones who needed the 4G LTE connectivity; the people who are not satisfied of having just 15Mbps download speed. More often, they don’t care much about the specs and that the dual-core is enough for them. Therefore, this variant will not really be welcomed by this group. Almost everybody knows United States is doing a nationwide upgrade on its data infrastructure and several months from now, all states may be covered with 4G LTE network. Thus, Samsung needs to modify the original setup of its newest flagship just to take the lead in the LTE market under the high-end category.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has become notoriously popular just because of its specs and it is also for the same reason we will be seeing it become successful once Samsung let it loose in the market. In a bid to cater the needs of a certain groups of people or nationality, Samsung releases different variants of this device but the ones confirmed are the quad-core and dual-core models only. We’ve heard rumors that the Japanese variant will come with a quad-core CPU but has a generous 2GB RAM paired with it. There’s no other recent information about the validity of this rumor, however.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes packed with tons of features native to the device but could never be found in others. Among those features are S-Voice, Smart Stay, Direct Call, etc. Just recently, Galaxy S3 official Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM was leaked and developers were able to extract S-Voice from it. So, currently, there is an unofficial version of the S-Voice app floating around the web. These things also add up to the popularity of Galaxy S3.

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