Nintendo Wii U Design Leaked Online, Now Features Two Analog Sticks

A purported photo of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U has been leaked online and it was allegedly posted by a quality assurance (QA) tester on Twitter. So much for the delight of many Wii U fans as the photo showed some really cool tweaks and improvements. Being a touchscreen, the new Wii U controller may just be warmly welcomed by many game-loving folks. And considering the effort and resources Nintendo has put into producing this controller, for sure owners wouldn’t get a second-grade gaming device.

Nintendo Wii U

A prototype was displayed by Nintendo during E3 2011. The concept was actually praised by people who know Wii and its predecessors. For them, Wii U is the best thing that ever happened to Nintendo’s flagship in the gaming market. The public outing was set to be during E3 2012 and it would be during this time that we will be able to see a fully functional New Wii U with new features and tweaks working to be applauded. The release date has yet to be revealed by many believe it would be during the winter that Nintendo will be releasing it considering the company has always gained good revenue as its devices are often bought as presents during the holidays.

Here are some of the new things you can expect from the new Nintendo Wii U.

1. Analog Sticks - The nub-style analog controllers which can be found on the previous model of Wii U have been replaced by two analog sticks on the same place. While the nub-style analog sure did work well, they were not good enough during play as the thumbs would really have difficulty locating them. The ease of use was apparently compromised with such style of analog controllers. Besides, seasoned gamers have always been used to playing the kind of analog sticks Nintendo put on its new model.

2. Select/Start Buttons - The previous model had Select and Start buttons below the screen but the new one has them on the right-hand side of the gamer and can be reached by the right thumb without any hassle. Compared to the previous placement of these buttons, the new one is obviously more comfortable.

3. Wii U Brand - The Wii U branding is now visible on the lower-left position in the front. The previous model didn’t have the marking on the front. Well, with the generous upgrade and enhancement, Nintendo has all the right to put the trademarked brand where people can easily see it.

4. Unknown Button - The new version has an unmarked and unknown button on the left-hand side of the front panel. No one actually knows what the function of this button is. The previous model didn’t have it. There should be some things this button can do, otherwise, Nintendo won’t put it there.

Aside from the fact that Nintendo has generously improved the functionality of its flagship, It is also trying to expand the peer-to-peer platform of the new Wii U to provide more excitement and fun to its loyal patrons. With this, gamers can easily communicate and compete using their devices. This functionality is made possible via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

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