HTC One X & One V Now Available in India, Specs, Price & Release Date Detailed

Finally, the two of the much anticipated devices arrive in India. HTC One X and HTC One V are warmly welcomed by Indian tech enthusiasts as they await for the release of these devices on April 2nd. The HTC One Series are actually designed to bear high quality image and audio. While they are the first ones to arrive in the country, it is expected that both HTC One XL and One S will be arriving soon to complete the series. HTC has been so serious about the quality of its devices and that resulted to the production of these devices which are expected to compete with other devices that belong to the same category. Now let’s try to look a little deeper into hearts of these smartphones.

HTC One X Specs, Price & Release Date

One X is the newest flagship of HTC and its entry into the high-level smartphone market. While tech communities would be able to accept this device easily because of its impressive specs, many would think this device is simply overrated. It has very high specs but in the end it cannot really use those hardware up to the fullest considering it lacks features that would push it to the limit. But nevertheless, this devices would surely attract more attention that the ones with lower specs.

It will be offered for 35,000 INR when it is released on April 2nd. This shows that this phone is a luxury. Many tech enthusiasts, however, would love to review this to know how good the hardware are when pushed to their limit. Also, it will be released with Android 4.0 ICS pre-installed so updates will never be a problem for the new owners of this device.

HTC One V Specs, Price & Release Date

Compares with One X, this device has lower specs but it doesn’t mean it also has a reduced performance because the would be an assumption you can never prove. One V has a 3.7 inches display while One X comes an inch bigger. It also has 1 GHz processor with 512 GB of RAM. Its internal memory is just 4 GB, although it supports microSD card of up to 32 GB. Considering it is a budge phone, it will be sold for 17,000 INR and will be released alongside One X on April 2nd.

Indian tech enthusiasts will have to choose either to get the device with the highest price tag or the economy one. But whichever one chooses, he is still getting the best out of HTC.



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