Download & Install Instagram 1.0.6 on Samsung Galaxy Ace, Tutorials Included

Just about two days ago, Instagram for Android was updated to version 1.0.5, now we are at Instagram 1.0.6 wherein the sixth update brought minor tweaks and a brand-specific improvement. Instagram 1.0.6 adds more support for Samsung Galaxy Ace device which I am going to talk about in due course of this article. The Instagram team or the people behind the development, maintenance and updating of the most controversial Android app seems to be so inspired that almost every day they release updates, albeit minor. It’s still a good sign that the team is dedicated in making the app the most supported and stable even if it is offered for free on Google Play Store.

Instagram 1.0.6

Instagram 1.0.6 is actually the sixth update within this month, just almost three weeks after the app was launch. And we got a tip that Instagram 1.0.7 may also be on its way for release and that could happen in the next couple of days. Anyway, there are actually just two enhancements done to the app for this update and one of them is device specific and intended for Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Instagram 1.0.6 Enhancements/Features

Lux is now available in Samsung Galaxy Ace. Lux actually provides more of an artistic effect on the photos. With this, you can expect more vibrant, deeper and more vivid photos. You will be able to notice that the lighting was dramatically improved in this version of Instagram for Android. You could even say that Galaxy Ace may have better quality of photos in Instagram than other Android devices, but everything actually depends on the quality of the lens, environmental factors, and artistry in talking shots. Lux serves only as enhancement and it serves its purpose really well.

Addressed reported bugs and known issues. As much as the Intagram team has been striving so hard to make the app perfect, there would always be some bugs and known problems. While other users would eventually complain immediately after experiencing some bugs, flaws or inconsistencies, they tend to go soft when reporting to the team or when commenting knowing that the team behind this great app are always working to find and address issues. The fact that new updates are released almost every other day is evident that we are getting the support we need to continue using Instagram for Android with ease.

Instagram 1.0.6 Update/Installation Tutorial


There are two ways you can update Instagram in your Galaxy Ace: through Google Play Store and by downloading APK and installing it from your device. But don’t worry, I will be walking you through in updating or installing Instagram 1.0.6 into your Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Installation Via Google Play Store

Step 1: If you haven’t received a notification of the new update, then head to Google Play Store.

Step 2: Search for Instagram. Once found, tap on it so that you will be brought to its dedicated page.

Step 3: If this is your first time installing the app, tap on “Install” button. If you are simply updating it, you will be seeing the “Update” button. Just tap whatever button you have.

Step 4: The package will be downloaded to your device and it may take a few minutes. Once done, just tap on “Install” or “Update” and wait until it’s done.

Installation Via APK File

Step 1: Download Instagram 1.0.6 APK file here.

Step 2: Save it into your SD card or built-in storage device.

Step 3: Run Instagram 1.0.6 APK file from your Galaxy Ace.

Step 4: You will receive a prompt asking you if you are sure to replace current installation. Just confirm it.

Step 5: Wait until installation is finished. It will take just a few seconds or a minute at most.

That’s it. You now have Instagram 1.0.6 in your Samsung Galaxy Ace. Now you can enjoy taking pictures and adding cool filters onto them while taking advantage of the Lux functionality and features. Some crash and lag issues have already been addressed by an update prior to this. However, Instagram 1.0.6 seems to have fixed others that we haven’t known about and it’s really a good news for all of us users. Shoot us an email or post a comment below if you have questions. We will get back to  you as soon as we can.

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