Amazon Releasing 3 New Kindle Fire Tablets In Different Sizes: Two 7 inches, One 8.9 inch

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While the New iPad is starting to build its popularity and reach, there is a new rumor floating on the web right now suggesting that Amazon is planning to release 3 new Kindle Fire tablets in different sizes. While this report is based on such unconfirmed rumor, it has always been like this before; rumor would go out first and then comes the new Amazon tablets. Others call it publicity stunt while others say it’s just another marketing strategy in preparation for Amazon’s incoming devices.

The first Kindle Fire tablet will have a 7-inch screen size and 1024 x 600 pixels display. The second one will still has the same screen size but has a higher resolution at 1280 x 800 pixels. The other one will come with 8.9 screen size and expected to reach a resolution as high as 1920 x 1200 pixels which is a lot denser as far as pixel density is concerned. But while others think the new more sophisticated Kindle Fire tablets will be offered at a higher price, reports suggest that Amazon is actually managing its parts supplier really well so as to produce cheaper devices with higher quality; the ones that could compete with iPad, although Amazon earlier said that they are not going to compete with Apple’s new devices and would stick solely on producing readers.

The current Kindle Fire are rumored to have been built Quanta while using an LG screen and Panasonic touch sensor. Amazon is also planning on getting some manufacturing services from Foxconn and some displays from Chimei Innolux. Its rumored 7- and 8.9-inch tablets would use panels from Prime View. These companies are known to produce considerably high quality products but offered at a lower price. That’s what exactly Amazon intends to do; build powerful readers at the lower production cost as possible.

While Amazon faithfully sticks to its word that it doesn’t want to compete with Apple in this market, it seems the company is posing a really great threat if it releases high-end Kindle Fire tablets at considerably lower cost. Basically, Amazon would like to put in as many features as possible to its devices but its philosophy of producing tablet readers seems to get in the way. We may not be able to see the company compete with the known tech Titan, but it is apparent it is a great threat to Barnes & Noble Nook models. Amazon is currently reigning as king in the tablet reader market. Its plans of releasing new high-end models would surely boost its reputation.



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