How To Root ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

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This year we already saw some decent Android tablets and among them the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is on the top of list. It is a 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet that is powered by a dual core processor, which allows faster speed with great reliability and smooth experience during the multitasking. The normal price of the Eee Pad Transformer is $399 that makes it the cheapest tablet among the other Wi-Fi only Honeycomb tablet. However, you need to pay $548, if you want to buy this tablet with Keyboard dock to ease the typing. The Keyboard dock is one of the core attributes in the success of the tablet. Today I’m going to explain the rooting procedure of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer that will allow you to access the developer rights on the device.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Disclaimer: TechZek is not to be held responsible for any of your loss. Follow this procedure at your own risk only, as it can void the warranty of your device or may some other damage to your device.

Note: To go through this procedure you need to install Honeycomb operating system on you tablet, so if you are using any older version just update it to ready your transformer for the rooting.

To kick off the process, you need to install the root kit depending on the Build of your Eee Pad Transformer.

How To Check The Build Of Your Transformer:

  • Go to Settings > About tablet
  • Now see “Build Number” in the list.

The Build number will look like “WW_epad-8.X.X.X_2011xxxx”. In this string WW is the Build number of your tablet. Do check the firmware version of your tablet too.

Below are the download links for the root kits based on the Build number and firmware version.


Firmware version : Click here

Firmware version : Click here


Firmware version : Click here

Firmware version : Click here


Firmware version : Click here


Firmware version : Click here

Firmware version : Click here


Firmware version : Click here

Now download ASUS sync software and Android SDK to complete all the requirements of the procedure.

Rooting Procedure:

Step # 01:  First of all you need to set up ADB: (If Android SDK is already installed, then skip this step).

How To Set Up ADB:

  • Extract the Android SDK to C:\AndroidSDK.
  • Download the JDK and install it.
  • Now launch SDK manager and choose the option “Installed packages” and then click on “Update All Packages”.
  • Install the ASUS sync and connect your device to install the USB drivers.
  • Open the command prompt and enter following commands one by one:
  • cd\
  • cd AndroidSDK\tools\
  • Now close the ASUS sync, enable USB debugging, and connect your transformer to the PC.
  • In this step write “adb devices” (without “”) in the command prompt and press the enter button. If serial number of your phone is appearing on the screen, then ADB is all set on your computer.

Step # 02:  Installation Of APX drivers:

  • Connect your transformer to the PC using USB cable, but make sure that your tablet is switched off.
  • Now press Volume up + Power button together while your transformer is booting and keep pressing it until you hear a pop-up.
  • The screen of transformer will be blank, open the Control Panel on the PC and go to System and then Hardware Devices.
  • There you will see a yellow colored icon with APX written on it. Just right click and click on update driver.
  • Now select usbpcdriver from the root kit folder and install it.

Step # 03: Rooting process

  • Just like always switch off Eee Pad Transformer.
  • Connect the Eee Pad Transformer to the PC and while it boots up press volume up and power button together until the black screen appears.
  • Now run the batchscript inside the rootkit folder, it will display the command prompt with different options.
  • First of all press 1 and then press y in the command prompt.
  • After the completion of the process, hit the power button of your transformer to switch it off, but don’t close the command prompt on the PC.
  • Now you need to go into APX mode once again by connecting the PC and pressing volume and power buttons together.
  • Now press 4 in the already opened command prompt and press enter.
  • After the completion of the process, power off your device and boot it normally.
  • Enable the USB debugging (settings >Development > check USB debugging) on Eee Pad Transformer. Make sure that your tablet is connected to PC and command prompt is still open.
  • Now move to command prompt, first press 7 and then press 5 (one by one).
  • Let the processes to finish and press 6.
  • Now reboot your device to complete the rooting process.

This is it, now the Eee Pad Transformer has been rooted. Do tell us your experience via comments.



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5 Responses to “How To Root ASUS Eee Pad Transformer”

  1. rehman says:

    i have ww_epad-
    what should i do….? any help plz

  2. Shotiejzn says:

    Ei rehman! It’s ok if you have you can use the rooting file. The most important would be the first 3 digits.

  3. hamdani says:

    hi,how long it take to download update all packages on sdk manager…i try before and its more than 1 hours…

  4. hamdani says:

    i try to enter command prompt write
    cd\ (enter)
    cd AndroidSDK\tools\ (enter)
    an got Invalid directory…

    how can i proceed…i use ww Firmware version

  5. rehman says:

    it dont work for me i have but i try it doesnt work for me i try alot

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