Micromax Funbook 7″ ICS Tablet Released In India At Price 6,499 INR

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When the government supports an idea on how to make the quality of education in the country better, people from the business sector immediately sees it as an opportunity. Thus, they will flock to outperform each other and take the lead. The same goes with the current tablet market in India. More and more tablet manufacturers are invading the country to help shape the future of the youth. But in truth, they invade the country to sell their cheap tablets with mid-range specs. Just a few days ago, Micromax released its 7-inch Funbook tablet for just 6,499 INR adding to the already tablet-bloated market. But while the first few releases of the cheap tablets in India was not really impressive, the three most recent companies that released their entry seem to have known how to be on the lead in the market.

Companies would be able to capture the market if they offer the things people are looking for, sasta, sundar and tikau (cheap, beautiful and durable). In other words, a tablet which is budget-friendly with cool designs and high in quality are often what people are looking. And Micromax Funbook tablet seems to have these qualities, but we will take a look at what Micromax has in store for us.

Budget-Friendly Device

For 6,999 INR a student would be able to get a tablet with 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor that comes packed with Double Mali GPU. It also has a 512 MB of DDR3 RAM which we believe enough to keep the operations of this device smoother. While it is bloated with apps, it only has a very limited storage space at 4GB only that it has a microSD slot that supports up to 32 GB of space but you’ll have to buy that either. So, based on the price for these specs, is this device budget-friendly? Yes.

Cool Design

Currently it is available in two colors, slate grey and midnight black. But whichever color you would pick, you will be getting a monotonous color. This aspect, however, is subjective so the color is up to you which one you would prefer. There’s nothing more about the physical appearance as just like other tablets, you will only be seeing a screen surrounded by either grey or black shades. But the most striking part is that its buttons protrude in front and that’s not really good to look at. Thus, I wouldn’t say it has cool design.

High Quality

It can be discovered in the long run, however, you will have an idea of what’s the quality of this device maybe when you try to look at the hardware where it’s built from. So far, it’s using the hardware which most of the tablet manufacturers nowadays use. In short, it follows the standards and for that, we could say it has a good quality. This aspect however, covers everything in general about the device; its display uses the same capacitive touchscreen as with other cheap tablets, it has an Li-Ion standard battery with 2800 mAh, and two cameras (rear- and front-facing). But only time will tell how long this device would last.



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