Motorola Webtop 3.0 Beta 4.0 ICS Firmware Revealed: Significant UI Changes

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Motorola’s Webtop (Web Desktop) took everyone by surprise in 2011 as majority of those who have seen it believe it was one of the most innovative ideas that would make Android tablets as an ultimate alternative for laptop computers. Droid RAZR will be receiving a huge update to Android 4.0 as early as next week which is expected to deliver a totally new Webtop experience.

The developers who were able to get their hands on the leaked Motorola ICS ROM provided some information about Webtop 3.0 Beta. The first thing they hinted is the possibility that Motorola will be using Google Chrome as a browser of Webtop instead of the Mozilla Firefox which was used in the previous version. It was in January that we actually heard a legit report regarding this development. But some techie people who have acquainted with how things inside Webtop work said that Chrome might be causing problems on the whole application itself.

While Webtop provides a different environment to the users and sometimes being referred to as yet another mobile OS, the browser is the most important part as it is where this application really runs on. While we don’t know the real reason why Firefox will not be used in the next version of Webtop, we don’t want to believe that it is because Motorola will soon be acquired by Google and that it is a necessity to change the browser. But if so, it simply confirms rumors that Webtop will become just like an ICS application rather than being an OS of its own.

But as much as we want to know what those new features are, we haven’t got an opportunity to verify the information. This however, adds up to the excitement Webtop brings as well as help in letting all the hype grow incessantly. But the thing is, Motorola is a very ambitious company and if it will be fully acquired by Google, such ambition will be realized. Among the many wishes of Motorola is to pose as an ultimate rival of Microsoft desktops and laptops. We are excited to see if Google will be able to pull this off. But right now, we are hoping to see and learn about the things Webtop will offer. We are also hoping XDA Developers will find a way to port Webtop to run on any Android device running on ICS firmware.



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