Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumored To Have 4.65″ Super AMOLED Plus Display, Started Carrier Testing in Korea

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After a few months of pure rumors, at least we have a paltry of information about Samsung Galaxy S3. One source claims that Galaxy S3 had already entered the carrier testing stage. Another also said that there is a greater possibility that the device will be making use of 4.65 inches Super AMOLED Plus display. What’s more exciting is the fact one Samsung executive said that April release could be possible. For people who might have been waiting for the release of this device, read on.

So, let’s start with the rumor that Samsung Galaxy S3 are now in carrier-testing stage. This is actually the time when prototypes are sent to different telecommunication companies for extensive testing and to see if it is compatible with different types of data network as well as the different network bands. Once a device reaches this stage, it is almost ready for release as long as there are no significant conflicts with the latest network technology. But the fact that Galaxy S3 will be going after LTE connectivity, there is a possibility it will be delayed a little bit. We’ve read reports that the pursuit of having LTE compatibility is the reason why most smartphone manufacturers will be delayed in their release. But we’re hoping there could be no more issue along the way so that we can see this device in action real soon.

Samsung is the major promoter of the AMOLED display technology and ever since it has been discovered, it never stopped evolving with new enhancements and feature being added to new versions. According to the reports, Galaxy S3 will be using a Super AMOLED Plus display with 1280 x 720 resolution stretched into 4.65 inches screen. There is also a greater possibility that this will be S3′s display properties, contrary to the rumors we’ve heard few months ago that it will be using Super LCD 2. Well, it didn’t make any sense that time considering Samsung has its own display technology that other companies are trying to copy. Besides, Samsung’s newest flagship is worth this technology and we believe it is just right for Galaxy S3 to be adorned with the best things the company has.

The president of Samsung Greater China, Kim Young-Ha said about a week ago that there is a possibility that Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released in April, although he didn’t added something to his statement. But that’s enough for us to think that the device is actually at the last stages of development and we will be seeing it in action soon. Previous reports indicated that the device was first slated for May release but if things went as expected, perhaps Galaxy S3 will be seeing the light this month. But if not, then we believe May would be the perfect month for the much anticipated release of this device. Aside from these information, we know nothing about the device except that its specs have been revealed last month. But let’s wait and see if these rumors will be realized.



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