Acer Aspire 7600U 27″ & 5600U 23″ All-In-One Windows 8 Desktops Revealed

Aside from Acer Aspire S7 series and Acer Iconia W series Windows 8 tablets, the company also revealed the Aspire U series all-in-one Windows 8 desktops. It is a topic overkill, you might say. But it is not because we are talking of different devices here. What we’ve overkilled in this blog is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Anyway, Acer actually announced a pair of devices for each category. The first duo we’ve reported here was for the ultrabook high-end market, the second was for the high-end tablet market and this one is for the high-end desktop category. Apparently, the Taiwanese company would want to dominate in the high-end parts of the high-earning technology categories today and we could say the company is just able.

Acer Aspire 7600U is a 27-inch desktop computer which all the necessary hardware were stuffed behind its full HD display. To make it like a fully functioning desktop you can add up a keyboard and a mouse, it would be better if you use the wireless peripherals to take advantage of its wireless data transfer capabilities. For this device, all-in-one means you can make this device an ultimate entertainment hub and a large tablet…and everything follows. With its capacitive touchscreen display, you can almost imitate what Tom Cruise did in Minority Report movie and considering it will be operating on Microsoft’s newest operating system—Windows 8—everything will look familiar for you.

There is no information about the processor, the RAM, internal memory, etc. but considering it will feature Windows 8 and stuffed with tons of features, we can expect that Acer will surely give this device what is due. The closest guess we can do about this device is that it will feature Intel’s i7 system on chip (SOC). Considering the fact that it is a desktop primarily, it is expected to have robust operation and thus hyper-threading is a necessity. While i5 can do such operation, i7 is the best there is with its 4 cores that could run 8 threads at a time. Perhaps, we will be seeing 8GB of RAM in this device and a really powerful graphics processor.

Moreover, Acer didn’t reveal much information about Aspire 5600U aside from the fact that it has 23-inch display and almost has the same primary features as the 7600U. Somewhere along the way, there should be a generous gap when it comes to the specs of these devices but it’s not enough for us to say that a smaller one is mediocre. Either of the two, you will still be getting the best that Acer can offer to its customers. You should also consider the fact that both of these large devices are given full HD displays and Dolby Digital Surround Sound system that would give us at least, 5.1 channel audio.

No further information was provided as to the release date and pricing of these devices but you know what to expect; with the features, sizes and designs of these device, you will never get one below $800. We are speculating that since it will showcase Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS, it will be released ahead of Win8′s official release to serve as pre-cursors. But one thing is for sure though; these devices would be released before the holidays.

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