Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Order At Amazon UK For £499.95

Nearing its release date, Samsung Galaxy S3 now starting to become available for pre-order in several stores. Just recently Amazon UK listed the device in its website offering it for£499.95. Galaxy S3 has been launched on May 3rd in London where it was accepted and warmly welcomed by both tech enthusiasts and Android lovers alike. While we already know there will be three models available, Amazon UK is currently offering the 16GB model colored Pebble Blue and Marble White in its website. The shipment would start on May 30th in the UK as confirmed by the listing. Moreover, the one Amazon is offering is the unlocked model; meaning you will not be tied with any carrier or operator.

Samsung Galaxy S3 had built a hype that we thought would never be met during the launching but we were wrong. The popularity of this device was skyrocketed and people were left in anticipation and excitement as the release date nears. Some tech analysts say Galaxy S3 had achieve popularity like that of the Apple iPhone that it became the immediate threat to Apple. With its specs and reputation, there could even be more enthusiasts that would adopt it just for the sake of feeling how the most powerful smart phone operates.

As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S3 sports the company’s own Exynos 4 Quad processor which was obviously built for power. The launching was the time when the world saw how Samsung built this handset and what it’s capable of. But however powerful the device is, it still has one handicap when used under the 4G LTE network. It’s processor just has lots of inconsistencies for now thus a substitute with lower specs is a must. While some carriers in the US and Canada have already confirmed they will be offering Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE variant, the specs weren’t revealed to the public yet leaving us to believe they’re different from the ones we’ve already seen during the launching.

Recent reports suggest that the most likely candidate to replace Exynos 4 Quad is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU which is a dual-core clocked at 1.5GHz. Just by looking at the number of cores, anybody would say it is half the performance of Exynos 4 Quad CPU. But that’s not actually the case because as far as the processes inside the handset are concerned, the dual-core processor can handle them all together. Quad-core CPUs would only differ in performance if a process requires hyper-threading, however, such operation is not really usual for mobile phones.

Basically, even if you have 4 cores, you couldn’t use all of them in one time. You are even lucky you could use up the entire capacity of a single core. But then again, it has already been instilled in our minds that the higher the specs, the faster the device becomes. That is true but there wouldn’t be any noticeable difference between the dual-core and quad-core if both are running an app or two. The point is, the dual-core models with LTE-capability could even offer better service than quad-core as far as connectivity is concerned.



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