How To Root HTC One S: Step-by-Step Guide

Just before HTC One S is released, a tutorial on how to root HTC’s new flagship arrives and is welcomed warmly by Android Community as well as tech enthusiasts. Unlike iOS devices in which jailbreak process is a pain, Android Smartphones are easier to root to be able to give access to third party applications. Just before you get too excited, you should first check the pre-rooting requirements and they are as follow.

Pre-Rooting Requirements

** Backup all your data as well as your contacts because there is always a possibility that they can get corrupted along the rooting process.

** While it is advisable you should fully-charge your battery, the minimum and safe battery threshold should be 70%. This is to make sure your device won’t go out of power while in the process. Basically, when your device shuts down because of power failure along the process, there is a tendency it’ll be dead and the worst thing is, you can’t claim the warranty.

- Turn all your security apps OFF such as your antivirus as they can often interrupt the rooting process.

- Enable USB Debugging. Go to Settings => Applications => Development => USB Debugging.

When you have done all these, then you are ready to root your HTC One S. Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

How To Root HTC One S (the easiest way)

Step 1: Download HTC One S Rooting Package to your computer and unzip.

Step 2: Run and Install 2 executable files, namely: adb-windows and fastboot-windows. There are corresponding files when you are using a Mac.

Step 3: Turn OFF your HTC One S and enter Boot Loader mode. To do so, hold the Volume Down button while pressing Power switch simultaneously. If it fails to enter Boot Loader mode then do this step until you can.

Step 4: You may now connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 5: Now, for the final step run install-superboot-windows which can be found in the same package. Usually, it will take just a few moments to complete this process.

For Mac users, launch the terminal pane and browse through the directory containing the rooting files and enter these commands: chmod +x followed by ./

For Linux-based computers, follow the same process as with Mac users and enter almost similar commands: chmod +x then ./

There you go, that’s how you do it. While only a few have tried this tutorial, we are confident this is the simplest way to root your beloved HTC One S. Tune in for more tutorials!


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