Samsung Starts ICS 4.0 Update For Galaxy Devices in Canada

Samsung Electronics started rolling out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) firmware update on Monday, April 30th for select Samsung Galaxy devices in Canada. This is in line with the Korean smartphone manufacturer’s promise to update majority of its devices before the 1st half of this year would be over. Among the devices to get a major bump are Galaxy S2, S2 LTE, S2 LTE HD, Galaxy Tab 7.0, Tab 7.0 Plus, Tab 8.9, Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note.

Canada has always been one of the countries where Samsung can take refuge as far as sales is concerned and so there is no way the company wouldn’t keep its promises. The Ice Cream Sandwich firmware brings a lot of tweaks, improvements, enhancements and bug fixes to these devices, thus, it is a major update. The first that Samsung Galaxy owners would be able to notice is the look and feel of their devices. ICS is a breakthrough in the history of Android that’s the reason why most of Android users today seek to update their respective devices into the latest version.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich brings an all new user interface that anyone could really appreciate. The multi-tasking capabilities have also been improved and are now better than the previous version of Android. This time around, portable apps can be called or run on top of the another app. The best example is the calculator app which you can call and use even if you are working on another app. Easy access to notifications has also been included. This time, notifications can be accessed in several ways and can be dismissed in anyway you want. For Galaxy tabs, browsing is even made better as you will be able to experience full web browsing support.

As much as the carriers hate is, the Galaxy devices that will receive this ICS update can now share the Internet connection through Wi-Fi hotspot functionality; you can turn your smart phone into a hot spot to share your connection with your family or friends provided you have good internet connection. It is also one of the promised features of Samsung since last year. Moreover, NFC-enabled Galaxy devices can make use of or take advantage of Android Beam which allows users to easily share apps, YouTube videos, web pages, etc. just by tapping two phones back to back.

For further information about this update, you need to ask the carrier or operator where you take service from.



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