CES 2012: Sony Introduced Xperia S PlayStation Certified 720p Display Android smartphone

Sony is one company that has always succeeded in making a mark at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with one or other of its diverse technologies, which range from a wide variety of sound equipment to cameras to personal computers to laptops and even gaming consoles. This year was no different. After the successful display of the Xperia Ion which has already created a lot of hype in the market, Sony unveiled another smartphone to the world the ‘Xperia S’ which is quite similar to the Ion in features.

Specs of the ‘Xperia S’ that we could know are:

  • A 1.5Ghz Dual-Core Processor
  • 4.3 inches 720p display for the perfect picture quality
  • Support for NFC
  • A 12MP rear camera for an extraordinary photography experience
  • And PlayStation Certification to successfully connect to the PlayStation gaming suites

The smartphone integrates with Sony televisions and gaming consoles in a very user friendly manner. The design is not very explicit but the features of the smartphone are highly remarkable. The ‘Xperia S’ along with other three smartphones including the ‘Ion’ is the first set of smartphones being launched by Sony after the ending of the Sony Ericsson joint venture.

Sony also announced at the CES that the Xperia S will be launched in the market at the end of the first quarter of the year. The phone will be available in the shades of black as well as white to the users. For further update we have to wait for a couple of weeks and probably there will be further updates provided at the MWC.


[Via Phandroid]



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