Instagram For Android Ready For Release, Sign-Up Page Now Live

Earlier this month, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom teased us at SXSW showing just a little of what the app’s gonna look like on Android. While any Instagram users on other platforms know what this app is capable of, we still have to see what it can offer for Android owners. After all, Systrom said Android app is better than any other versions…even better than iPhone/iPad app. Is there some truth behind this statement or is it just another publicity stunt to build up some hype?

Yesterday, Instagram Android app sign-up page gone live accepting emails from people who want to be notified should the app be released for Android devices. This is a good thing considering everyone simply wants to become one of the few who can test and review the app. Also, the sign-up page really built up the hype and it could have been the most visited webpage for Android owners yesterday. That’s just a guess, though.

What is Instagram, anyway?

For those who haven’t used or known this app, Instagram is simply a Photo-sharing application offered for free to select mobile platforms including iOS devices. The only platform that’s about to see this app in action is Android and it won’t take long before it will be launched.

Just this year, Instagram’s users reached 27 million and more than 50 percent of those use the app daily to share photos with friends or acquaintances. The truth is, it is one of the most popular iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) apps to date. The fact is, majority of iOS users know this app even if some don’t use it. Popularity and fame come packed with Instagram and from there you’ll know that it could go the distance…and it did.

We cannot just be sure what features Instagram would offer for its Android users or what makes it better than the iOS app. But I’ll take the Systrom’s word for it. Instagram Android app has a lot to prove to realize what its co-founder said but we’ll have to see about that if this app would really make things happen especially for photography aficionados.

Being an iOS and Android user myself, I would like to compare these apps toe-to-toe to see what the other is capable of which cannot be found on the other.

While there are a lot of photo-editing apps available on both iOS and Android platforms, only Instagram reached the kind of level other apps haven’t attained since they were released. Besides, there are dedicated teams that make sure the app and its website is fine most of the time.


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