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Posted on Jun 12 2012 - 9:16am by Hisona

Companies need websites or blogs to widen their audience and build virtual communities that might be as beneficial as the traditional advertisement practices, or even better. The advancements in technology actually empowered intermediate web developers to build their own websites. However, not everybody can make really good, professional websites. Thus, the need for a company that offers such service is high. One of the firms that actually offer professional web development is Iflexion.


Iflexion offers Advanced Web Development, Enterprise Web Application Development, and Custom Website Programming Services. It boasts having to develop the sites of several big companies like Philips, Xerox, Expedia and even Addidas and basing on the appearances and functionalities of these websites, you can tell a touch of professional coders and designers was put into them. However, one thing you can tell if a company is really serious in carrying on the service it offers is by looking at its very own website.

First Impression. First, the Iflexion brand was trademarked so the company got the .com domain for it. Second, the full-width changeable banner is just so huge in a right way; it has really great pictures featuring the fields in development it offers. The white and grey color of the page’s background makes the colorful banner to standout and becomes a highlight.

Navigation. At the upper-left hand corner of the screen can be found the logo of the company, and to the right are the navigation menus which are placed strategically to be easily seen by visitors. Scrolling a little down, you will see another menu for the Solutions, Services, Technology and DDC. Basically, the navigation on Iflexion’s website is easier than others making it easier to spot things you are looking for.

Load Time. Amazingly, despite the huge banners and javascripts, the homepage of the site loads almost instantly for both first and repeat visitors. The same goes when you click on any links to any of the pages of the site.

Contact. If you are amazed by how the site operates and want to use Iflexion’s service and are wondering where to find the contact information, just scroll down to the footer section and you’ll see to the right the telephone numbers for both the UK and US customers as well as the email address. Beneath that is the physical address where the 370 employees work hard.

Content. Unlike other web development companies, Iflexion published very useful articles or resources for its clients. Having a really nice design with strategic placement of the navigation menus, you can easily find the resources you might need.

Basically, Iflexion is offering a professional web development service while enjoying the luxury it provides to its clients. It could be just the quality you are looking for if you are planning to have a website built for your business. That explains why big companies prefer to use its services than others.

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  1. Max Lex June 19, 2012 at 4:40 PM - Reply

    I really like iflexion website. They look really up-to-date! I think the put emphasis on irrational :) The images are not 100% relevant but they are cool!

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