MOTOBLUR Launcher Works Perfectly On Android 4.0 ICS ROMs

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 8:07pm by Hisona

The XDA Development team has been so busy picking on things that could be salvaged from the leaked ICS build for Motorola DROID RAZR. One of the things that the team was able to discover is the Motoblur, a Motorola-developed, push-based Android UI replacement which focuses on social networking. Of course, Motoblur is supposed to be exclusive for Android Motorola devices only but the developers have figured out the best way to make it run on any Android 4.0-based ROMs even if the device is not built by Motorola.

When take a glance at it for the first time, there seems to no difference at all. However, when you try to dig a little deeper into it, you will learn some Motorola-influenced functionalities like the following:

The Ability to manage your homescreen - You will now be able to add and/or remove home screens. While some customized ROMs also offer this functionality, it comes native to Motorola DROID series. For a mere user, it may not really ring the bell but for people who understands or have knowledge about how things work in the Android world, this is an obvious achievement.

More launcher options - This is definitely one of the things you will enjoy when using a Motorola hardware. I mean, there are Moto-specific functionalities that are impossible to add to other devices. But this time around, you will have plenty of options you can apply to your launcher. Also, there are various settings included to make the launcher appropriate for your needs. Basically, your phone will adjust to your needs and not the other way around.

3D effects when swiping workspace - You can never find it from other devices but now it’s available to any Android running on version 4.0 ICS. Also there are some animations you can enjoy or add to make your phone look better inside and out.

Motorola made it a point to build Motoblur Launcher as versatile as it can be and it was really successful in doing so. That is why, when you try to compare Motorola Android devices with others, it would simply excel because of these features. And just like what I said earlier, it would be a great achievement if you can port a device-specific functionality to other devices. Well, we don’t know if this is the final version released by the XDA team and so far, there hasn’t been no reports of errors or bugs. So, basically people are still enjoying Motoblur on their devices.

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