Toshiba Thrive 10″ Gets The Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS Update !

Posted on Aug 9 2012 - 10:28am by Techzek

The 10 inch tablet, powered by a 2 dual core processor by Nvidia Tegra and boasting of 1GB RAM, better known as the Thrive, has been doing quite well in the market-despite being run on the older Android platform, Honeycomb. This is because it has proved to be a pleasure to work with, as it is very responsive, a quality that many will appreciate. It is also easily customizable and has clearly been well built. All the same, everyone has been greatly anticipating the update of the device’s OS to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich as this promises to enhance the experience with the tablet even more.

The update, which months earlier had been announced to be scheduled for end of spring which was being eagerly anticipated by Thrive owners was delayed at the last minute by the manufacturers due to unforeseen circumstances. It was announced that the predicted time of release would be in early fall. This came as a big blow to all those who had been eagerly waiting for the update but the good news is that it is now finally here - for real!

The update has actually come much earlier than the second predicted time, but a post on the Toshiba forum informing Thrive users of the move confirmed it. The post said in part, “we are pleased to announce a new software update for your Thrive 10 tablet.” The switch to the new operating system offers Thrive users an improvement in camera functions, video and audio performance and a much better connectivity resulting from improved signal strength.

How to get the update

There has been no news on an update for the 7-inch model, so it appears owners of this version will just have to be contented with the Honeycomb for the time being. If you own a 10-inch version however, the update should begin to roll out for you automatically in the due course of time.  You will get a notification from Toshiba concerning the update and should follow the on screen instructions to download it.  Those who have already downloaded the ICS report that it takes about 30 minutes to download once it starts.

If you are one of those people who just cannot wait for the notification however, go to your “Service Station” app on your Thrive tablet and click on Check for Updates to get the instructions so that you may download the ICS onto your device right away!


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