New ASUS Windows 8 Tablets Price Leaked

Posted on Sep 18 2012 - 10:40am by Techzek

We have some exciting news for Windows 8 OS lovers! Three new ASUS Windows 8 tablets are on their way. In fact, there’s a leak right about pricing of these new tablets as a part of company’s holiday road-map. With the leaked Windows 8 Tablets prices, people will have an idea about how much money they will have to shell out from their pockets. Guys at ZDNet have served as an image source for the images that we can see right below.

Well, The Windows 8 tablets prices seem to be quite high at the moment. ASUS Vivo Tab RT has the pricing of 599 USD where as Windows 8 Tablet seems to be high at 799 USD. Additionally, if you are looking for the dock too for both these tablets then you will have to part with extra 199 USD. If you are looking for convertible tablet in this genre then you can book a deal for ASUS Taichi. But leaks suggest that it is even more expensive and the ASUS Taichi price comes to somewhere around 1299 USD.

As per what we could find out from leaks, it also seems that ASUS will come up with other gadgets as well. For example new ASUS laptop priced around 550 USD. You can also expect the next generation transformer. But even it seems to be very costly as it is priced at around 1399 USD. It is important to note that these prices are just the anticipated ones as per the leaked news. But when these gadgets actually get into the market, there might be some minor changes. But what these leaks suggest is, the prices of each gadget mentioned above is much on the higher side and thus ASUS might face issues in getting the target audience.

We shall keep you updated on this as and when we have more news about ASUS tablets. So, what we suggest is, just stay tuned.

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