Gaming on the Go

Posted on Jan 11 2014 - 5:53pm by Techzek

‘Gaming on the go’ has become a catchphrase for the 21st century. It refers to the use of mobile gaming content on the new generation of smartphones, available for play anytime, anywhere, but this is too simple a definition. At the cutting-edge of today’s technologically-savvy world, there are endless forms of content that can be played on modern smartphones. There are the solo-players, games like the phenomenally successful friv, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, where the aim is to defeat your own high score and progress further through the game, but the added bonus of connectivity means you can compare your high scores with those of your friends. Then there are the limited multiplayer games – Draw Something is the current craze sweeping the nation, where players must try to convince one of their smartphone-owning friends that the collection of squiggles they’ve sent them really is a castle, or a beach. But limited multiplayers still rely on an individual’s contact book to find opponents. This is not the case with games like Zynga’s Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars – though you can certainly be introduced and tied to your friends who are also playing, Zynga provides gamers with the option of diving headlong into the entire population of online gamers, and you’ll swiftly find yourself bartering seed prices with an accountant from Beijing, or a car mechanic from Sao Paulo. Then there are the games like those provided on site play game, that allow you to play the top flash games at the comfort of your home. All on your phone. So whether you’re waiting in a queue or on the bus, you can still game at will.

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